Please don't hate me!

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A/N: Ok so, I will update all three of my fanfics tomorrow.

That's right all three!

I now have a new fanfic out.
I know I'm terrible.

I know I'm terrible

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Is now out.

Now before you hate me, I have wanted to do this for ages, before I started my Harry Potter one!

So check it out if you love Legolas, or if you just like the Tolkien series's!

And it didn't help that I now just finished watching An unexpected journey.

This won't effect this fanfic or the Marvel one, I promise you that!

Also I'm sorry I haven't updated as much lately, but hopefully that will change now that I'm all better and have sorted out all my coursework!

Thank you!

See you next time Riddles!
~ Verkira 🖤

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