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Ah, only a few more days left of school before the summer!
I can't wait!

Everyone was sitting in the Great hall eating breakfast, eagerly waiting for the mail.

I'm hoping to get something from my sister or anyone to say that my mother is ok. I hope she'll be released, she is innocent!

Anyway, also I hope Sirius is ok, I haven't seen him since we got chased by the Werewolf.

Considering Professor Lupin hasn't been in, I think he doesn't work here anymore.

Soon the owls came flooding in. One dropped a large package in front of Harry.

I rushed over to him, and found out it was the new Firebolt broom!

"You lucky little-" I was nudged in the ribs by Hermione before I could finish.

Looking in the wrapping, I picked up a large feather, one similar if not the same to Buckbeaks...

Raising my brow, I looked at the trio questionably. But they all shrugged with big grins.

Giggling, I hugged all of them then rushed back to my table where Draco was glaring at Harry.

Probably over his broom, but it's not like his father won't get him one.

Soon Skylar (if that's ur name, change it to Athena or whatever)

Soon Skylar (if that's ur name, change it to Athena or whatever)

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Came flying in with three envelopes in her talons.

She elegantly dropped them before flying out.

Excited, I opened the first one quickly.

Dearest (Y/n),

The Trio may not have told you, but I am well and alive!
I managed to escape on a Hippogriff named Buckbeak, Harry said you had met.

I will hopefully see you soon, and as for your mother, I apologise on account of what had happened. I had a feeling they would suspect her when I escaped.

So, if there is anything I can do for you, feel free to ask.

Your friend.

I can't believe it! Sirius is alive! And Buckbeak!

"Yes!" I shouted out in happiness, causing a lot of people to stop and stare at me.

"What y'all staring at!?" I glared, which soon made them look away and get back to their own business.

Sighing, I opened the second letter.

Hey Kiddo,

I just wanted to let you know, that the Malfoys will be collecting you from Kings Cross, you have to stay at there's for one night.
Not that I think you'll mind being with Draco...

I'm sorry I cannot come and get you, but Mother's trial to be set free is on the day after next, and I have a feeling it's not going to go well.

See you soon sister,

Oh no! Why is is family that give you bad news!

Come to think of it Ember isn't usually right, so hopefully Mother will be ok!

On the plus side, I get to go to the Malfoys!
It's always fun there, especially when they treat me like royalty for some reason.
Even when I have told them not to.

"Hey Draco, looks like I'm coming to yours for a day, your parents are picking us up from Kings Cross!" I grinned and hugged him.

He chuckled and and hugged back.

"Awesome, just try not to make your dog bite me, I got far to much exercise from running away from her!" He faked a scared expression, whilst me and everyone else, laughed at the memory.

Finally I opened the last one.

To my darling daughter,

Young (Y/n), you have grown into an outstanding witch.
You have made me proud to call you my daughter.

But, for this pride to remain, you must cut off your relationship with Potter!

I will not have someone from my own blood to stand in my way!

I hope you can understand this my daughter.

Soon we shall meet again,
Your proud father


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