Anything from the trolley?

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I abruptly woke up in what seemed like a grave yard.

"Hello?" My legs moved on there own! Towards a tomb, a grim reaper statue standing next to it.

The words of the tomb stood out clearly.
Tom Riddle

'But mother said Father wasn't buried as he wasn't dead' I know that to be true. I've seen him! I've heard him in my head!

"(Y/n)!" I could hear a distant call of my name.

"Rise and shine!" It said again as suddenly light burnt my vision.

I woke to a start to see Ember opening up my curtains.

"Time for school" she sung and skipped out my room.

Groaning I buried myself under the covers to escape the light.

"(Y/n)!? Come on your going to be late!" Mother calls out from my closet, bringing my suitcase I packed last night with her.

Sighing I rolled out of bed and on to the floor.

"Of for goodness sake (Y/n) get up, you'll miss the train!" She pulled me and and shoved me into the wardrobe (its walk in don't worry 🖤).

"Dress nice, we are meeting the Malfoy's...if we are on time!"

Of course we are meeting the Malfoy's, Ugh.

Don't get me wrong it's nice to see Draco but now it's weird know that if my father approves he's going to be my husband in four years.

Then again, four years is a long time....enough to hide his bod- what am I thinking, he's my best friend, I couldn't hurt him like that. Only friendly slaps around the head and a good old broken nose.

I get changed into a (F/c) jumper and some leggings as well as some brown boots.

Once I walk out, Mother quickly ushered me out and towards the car outside.

"Come on, only half an hour till we have to be there and it's a 20 minute journey!" She quickly climbed into the drivers seat.

Once we were all strapped in, she started driving to the train station.

Time Skip brought to you by AC/DC 🎸

We made it to the station on time to see the Malfoy's walk through the wall.

"Come on girls!" Mother grinned grabbing my hand and jogged to the wall.
Leaving Ember behind with my luggage.

"Ah, (M/n), hello!" Narcissa grinned and brought mother into a gentle hug.

"Hey (N/n)!" Draco smiled wrapping his arm around my shoulders and gave me a side hug.

"Hey Draco" I said, leaning into his hug, and returning his smile.

"Come on Crabbe and Goyle are saving us a cabin!" He smirked and grabbed my hand.

"Alright, bye mum!" I waved but she rushed and hugged me.

"Be good (Y/n) and be careful!" She missed the top of my head before letting me go.

As me and Draco walked back to the train, I waved to Ember who nodded back and walked over to mother and the Malfoy's.

It wasn't hard to find thing one and two, and as soon as we did...

"Get out!" Draco growled and they soon hurried out of the carriage.

"That was a bit unnecessary" I said with an eyebrow raised. Draco just sat down and looked out the window and mumbled something.

"Pardon?" I asked, sitting down and the train began to move.

"Crabbe likes you" he said a bit louder, knowing I could hear him clearly now he moved his hand from his mouth.

" ok, well I don't like him, in that way...also that doesn't excuse you to be rude when they saved this for us" I said crossing my arms.

He just huffed and slumped back into his seat mumbling a "whatever".

Small Time Skip brought to you by David Tennant (I think he's brilliant 😄!) 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿

Draco had soon fallen asleep, with his mouth slightly open.

"Anything from the trolley dear" the trolley woman whispered to me as she passed by.

"Um yea, could I get two liquorice wand and a bag of sour apple bites please" I whispered.

She gave me what I asked for and I paid.
Once she left I turned back to the sleeping boy and giggled.

Holding in my laugh, I delicately places both liquorice wand in each corner of his open mouth, and place two apple bites on his eyes.
I couldn't hold it any longer.

I burst out laughing, causing him to wake up.

"Wfat" He said taking out the liquorice wands and stared at the apple bites that had fallen off his eyes.

"Oh ha ha Riddle, very funny" he smirked in amusement whilst popping the apple sweets in his mouth.

His face immediately turned as the sourness of the sweet attacked his tastes buds.

"Yea, I was about to say they're sour" I giggled.

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