Dumbledore's Office

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We had just gotten back from the chamber.

I can't believe I just saw my father....explode.

Looking over at Ember, I saw an angry expression, she looked at me and said calmly, "I have to go, your questions are best answered by Dumbledore" and with that she turned into black smoke and shot out the window.

Taking her advice, I got changed out of my grubby clothes into fresh new robes, so I don't give suspicion that I was down in the chamber.

I left my room, and was about to leave the common room, when a soft snore startled me.

I turned my gaze to the black sofa and saw Draco and Mortem snuggled, taking a nap.

Grabbing the nearest blanket, I smoothed it over them, careful not to wake them.

It's times like this where I wish I had a camera!

Continuing out, I made my way to Dumbledore's office.

"Sherbet Lemon" I pronounced clearly and the stairs appeared.
Dumbledore gave me the password, if I should ever need to talk to him, guess he saw this coming huh.

Being the lazy person I am, I hopped on the top step and let the lift carry me up.

When I arrived, I heard Lucius' voice behind the door.

Knocking, I peeked my head out to see the headmaster smiling at me, Lucius gave a small smirk upon my sight, and Harry's guilty expression.

"Can I help you Miss Riddle?" Dumbledore asked. I look at what I presumed was a meeting and decided I would come back later.

"I can see you are busy sir, I'll come back later" as I was about to leave, Lucius beat me to it.

"Don't bother (Y/N), we were just leaving" I now realised that Dobby was with him as well.

I winced as he beat Dobby out the door, I wish I could help him but I would probably get in a lot of trouble.

I waited for Harry to leave, and he did, with my father's diary.

Before I could protest, Dumbledore summoned me forward.

"What can I do for you (Y/N)" he smiled softly. Dumbledore is too kind for ha own good, that's what my mother had said anyways.

"I was wondering if you could answer a few questions sir" I stated slowly. Really there is only one question I want to ask him.

"Of course" he gestured me to ask, and I took a deep breath...

"Am I related to Harry Potter?"

Dumbledore sighed heavily and got up out of his chair.

"I was afraid you were going to ask that" he started, he came around and leant on his desk.

"I suppose you do not know your mother's maiden name" I slowly shook my head no, why would my mother tell me her maiden name?

"Your mother comes from a line of Purebloods, there are now only two of them left, she's a Potter, James Potter's little sister" that makes me and Harry cousins!

"So Harry is my cousin...." this doesn't make any sense.

"Indeed, your mother and James never really got along, when Voldemort had risen, she joined his side" that's how she met father.

"Does Harry know?" I asked, in which he shook his head.

"No, Harry doesn't know, and it's up to you whether you tell him"

I nodded and started to leave the room.

"Thank you, sir" he just smiled with a small nod, as I left his office.

The question now on my mind is, do I tell Harry?

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