Practice and answer

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(A/n: I know this isn't technically the 100th chapter but I want to make this chapter really cute and special! Also I want to say thank you all, it if wasn't for you guys I don't think I would have continued this story this far and that fact that y'all have been patient with me :) enjoy!)

Well I'm screwed.
The Yule a dance.
Life never seems to go my way.

Right now all the Slytherins, year 4 and above, were in lines of boys and girls in the great hall.

All the girls looked excited compared to me and the boys who looked like we were in the history of magic.
Godric that's a boring class!

"As you know, the Yule Ball is approaching, it will be hosted on Christmas Eve, I expect you all to represent Slytherin as a respected house" Snape drowned.

I could hear the girls giggling and gossiping about dancing and dresses. I sent Draco a 'help me' look and he just silently chuckled whilst muttering something to Ethan and Blaise.

"Quiet!" Snape snapped, instantly making the hall silent.

"You are expected to turn up looking smart and sophisticated, now then, let us have a demonstration of the waltz" he smirked as he looked around the room.

I sunk low into the back of the group of grinning girls as he looked around.

"Ah Miss Riddle, would you and... Mr Malfoy care to dance for us?"

'Really? REALLY!?' I mentally yelled.

Reluctantly, I moved to the front where Draco was holding out his hand.
He led me out into the middle and stood in front of me.

"Mr Malfoy, place your hand on Miss Riddle's waist, I presume you know how to dance" Snape sneered.

Draco quickly placed his hand on my waist, causing some wolf whistles coming from the boys side.

"Silence!" Snape snapped and flicked his wand to start the music.

As soon as the music started, Draco started to move forward and start to dance, causing me to fall in sync with him.

'One, two, three, one, two, three' kept playing in my head as we span around the hall.

Shortly after, Snape made everyone partner up and start dancing.

"You know, ballroom dancing is a lot easier now we are taller" Draco said with a small smile. It's always nice to see him with a smile rather than a smirk.

"I suppose, but it's not like we were bad at dancing when we were 11" I replied, returning his smile.

-Time Skip brought to you by Dudley's pig tail-

The Yule Ball was only a few weeks away. I already knew I was going with Draco.

I mean, we didn't have to ask each one another if we'd go with each other.

Come to think of it, I haven't seen much of him today.

Roaming the halls, I decided to look for him, he can't of gone far, and he won't be in class it's Saturday.

Outside was freezing and the black lake had frozen over, it looked beautiful.

"Hey Dracy!" I heard a voice squeal, oh no, I know exactly who that belongs too.

Peeking around the corner, I saw Draco and Blaise coming out of the men's bathroom, only to be ambushed by Pansy and her crusade.

"So when are you going to ask me?" She batted her eyelids, leaning closer to the blonde boy.

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