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'The chamber will be opened, I will once again be powerful, no one will stop us!'

I awoke with sweat dripping down my head and my heat beating fast.

"Just breathe, you had a nightmare" I hear Ember tell me. I shook my head. "It wasn't a nightmare, I heard a voice, sounded like....nevermind" I flung the covers off me and started to get dressed.

nevermind" I flung the covers off me and started to get dressed

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"What did it say?" She pressured on. I clenched my fist, "look it doesn't matter it was probably nothing alright!" I practically hissed at her.

"Alright, geez someone needs food" holding her hands in surrender.

That is true, I'm starving.


I sat down at the Slytherin table, the smell of the food made my mouth water, but of course I didn't show it.

When I started to eat, someone came and sat down next to me.

"Morning Riddle" oh it's Malfoy.
"Malfoy" I saw him reach for an apple, and rolled my eyes. (#Drapple 🖤)

"What have you got first?" He asked with a mouthful of apple. "One don't speak with your mouth full it's rude, second I have herbology"

"Same, we can walk to class together then" okay so do I have a say in that? Nope thought not. He turned around to talk to his goons, when the bell for class rung.

I was standing next to Draco and facing Harry. "Good morning everyone" Professor Sprout called out, but I don't think anyone heard but me.

She then tapped her wand on a plant pot as if she was trying to get people's attention for a speech.

"Good morning everyone" she shouted once again.

"Good morning Professor Sprout" the class chimed together. I could already tell what we were doing today by the look of the leave, Mandrakes.

"Welcome to greenhousing 101 for second years" she shouted proudly, I like Professor Sprout, I don't know what it is but I like her.

"Come on now, gather round gather round" all the class including me, moved closer to the long table.

"Today we are going to repot mandrakes" she said turning around and bringing a plant pot with her. I knew we were doing mandr- WHAT!? Repoting them? But a mandrakes cry is fatal!

"Now who can tell me the property's of a mandrake!" Of course Grangers hand goes straight up. I knew the property's but I didn't care to tell the class.

I blocked her off and continued to look at my mandrake.

"Well done, 10 points to Gryffindor" I rolled my eyes, you can't award a bookworm points for knowing something she read!

"As the mandrakes we have are only young their cries will not kill you yet, but will in fact knock you out for a few hours!" Oh that's reassuring.

"Which is way I have provided each of you with a set of ear muffs" she shouted, gesturing said ear muffs.
"So could you please put them on, right away, flaps down nice and tight!"

You have got to be joking, why am I the one with pink ear muffs!? I heard Draco snickering so I elbowed him in the ribs hard which made him stop and groan in pain.

"Now, you grab you mandrake at the top and carefully pull it out of the pot like so!" As soon as she pulled it out, its cry filled the room, my poor sensitive little ears! Having the Strage as another form enhances my senses, so what is loud for the class is quadruple loud for me!

"And now, put him in the next pot and quickly cover it in soil to keep him warm!"


I looked over to see that Longbottom has in fact fainted, hahahaha of course he would be the one to faint!

"I see Longbottom has been neglecting his ear muffs!" Sprout sighed.

"No ma'am he's just fainted" yea stupid that's what she was saying!

"Oh right we'll just leave him there, on we go!" Yup I love this teacher, I think herboloy is going to be my new favourite subject!

"Grasp your mandrake and pull it up!" I obliged and yanked the plant out of the pot only for my head to roar in pain as the sound waves of the cry hit my ears like a sledge hammer!

Draco, being him self, thought it's was funny to tease the plant but only ended up with it biting his finger. I giggled lightly at his angry face when he finally got it loose.

Until I started to get dizzy and black dots started to fill my vision...

3rd person POV

(Y/N)'s eyes fluttered as she fell backwards. Draco was able to catch her and Professor Sprout looked over to see who had fainted.

"I see Riddle couldn't handle it either!" She shouted. She knew why, and it wasn't because she wasn't wearing her ear muffs properly.

"Get Riddle and Longbottom back to the hospital wing, we can't do much if they have fainted!"

Draco and Goyle carried
(Y/N) whilst two Gryffindors carried Neville.

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