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Thursday came soon.

It was finally time to select the champions.
I hated the fact that I knew, Harry was playing in the tournament!
I wish I could tell him, ugh!

'But that would mean betraying father!'

The little voice in my head, playing over and over and over again in my head!
It's giving me a bigger headache than Pugface does...and that's saying something.

Anyways, right now the Hall was packed. Everyone was gossiping and discussing who's gonna play, or which school is going to win!

Me? I just hope there isn't a casualty.

I mean, sure Harry will most likely be put in danger in the final but I'm sure he'll be fine. He normally is when he goes looking for trouble.

"Sit Down please!" Dumbledore came up to the front and stood in front of the goblet as everyone took their seats.

"The moment we've all been waiting for...the champion selection!" He dramatically dimmed the lights with a flick of his hand, then proceeded to the goblet.

I sat with Draco and Blaise, each one beside me.

So unfortunately I had to push Blaise slightly out of the way so I could see.

But in fairness, he's too tall.

Soon the fire in the goblet changed to red for a second, and a piece of paper flew out!

Dumbledore caught it swiftly before announcing, "The Durmstrang champion is...Viktor Krum!"

All the Durmstrang students cheered and patted him on the back as he walked down to shake hands with Dumbledore.

The fire changed to red again and a blue but of paper flew out. It's got to be from Beauxbatons!

"The champion for Fleur Delacour!" A group of girls cheered as a beautiful blond walked up and shook hand with Dumbledore before being led out of the great hall.

Next came's gonna be Harry I know it!

"The Hogwarts champion...Cedic Diggory!"

'WHAT!? A HUFFLEPUFF!?' (A/n: I have nothing against Hufflepuffs it's my second favourite house! 🖤)

'He's is handsome though...'

Everyone cheered, as he walked up and shook hands with Dumbledore.

But, I thought Harry was going to participate. What if Barty never put his name in the goblet...

"Excellent! We now have our three champions! But in the end, only one will go down in history, only one will hoist this chariot of champions, this vessel of victory! The Triwizard Cup!"

A cup?
That's what they win?
For risking their lives in silly games...


My attention was drawn to the goblet, and by the looks of things, So was Snapes!

It's was going crazy!

Crazy enough to make Dumbledore jump slightly.

It blazed red and shot another bit of paper out...Harry's...

Dumbledore caught it in confusion.
"Harry Potter..." he mumbled. Even I could barely hear him.

"HARRY POTTER!" Harry looked like someone had walked on his grave.

He tried to sink lower but Hermione pushed him up and towards the anxious looking headmaster.

"He's a cheat!"
"He's not even 17 yet!"

It's clear he doesn't want to be there morons!

Once he had left, the teachers all stormed after him. You could hear the argument.

"Potter is a bloody cheat, does anything for attention that boy!" Draco tutted, with a forkful of red velvet cake.

"Well if you didn't notice, it clearly looked like he didn't want to go up!" For goodness sake! Is no one going to pay attention to the fact that he looked like he pissed himself when Dumbledore called his name!

I couldn't stand to listen to the whole hall mutter nasty things about him.
I know that I'm going to have to face him as the bad guy one day, but I'm not going to start now!

I stood abruptly from the table and stormed out the great hall.

Already have to room with the Slytherins, I don't want to listen to the whole school bully the boy!

A/N: Hey guys, how you doing!

I hope your holidays have been good.
The reason I was able to write a lot recently is because I was bedridden with Norovirus.

So, I hope all of you are well!

But unfortunately I have to go back to college, but updates will hopefully (fingers crossed) be weekly.

Also I need help!

I've fallen in love with supernatural all over again, and is made me want to write a fanfic!

But I doubt I will until I've finished one of the others I have!
It's killing me lol!

What would you guys think?
Any SPN fans?

Anyways, see you next time Riddles!
~ Verkira 🖤

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