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Me and Sasha left our dorm room, to see Draco, Crabbe and Blaise waiting for us.

"Who are they?" She whispered in my ear as we neared them.
"Sasha, meet Draco, Vincent and Blaise" I motioned said boy when I introduced them.

They all shook hands with her and greeted her.

It wasn't long until we got to the great hall for breakfast. The scent of pancakes made me think of my dream again.

'Who was that?' One of my guesses was that it was my mother's point of view, and I was the blurred figure. But then I remembered, I never grew up with father there. It's always been me, my sister and my mother.

I was so caught up in my thoughts that I didn't notice someone sit down next to me.

"You're (Y/N) right?" Jumping to the sound of a deepish voice, I turned my head only to meet bright sea blue eyes.

It was the boy I didn't recognise!

"Errr yea, and whom might you be" I turned to shake his hand but inside he took my hand and brought to his mouth, kissing the top. Forcing a smile I gently pulled my hand away and wiped it behind my back.

"Ethan Jackson, at your service!" I chuckled remembering a book I had read.

"Not related to Percy Jackson by any chance?" He face turned into one of confusion.

"Who?" Sighing I turned away, "nevermind".

Draco caught my eye, and I could tell he was clenching his jaw and he squeezed the apple in his hand, glaring at Ethan.

'What's got his wand in a knot?'

-Time skip brought to you by the Grim!-

Me and Sasha sat at a table in class, since she felt comfortable working with me on her first day.

"Welcome my children, in this room, you shall explore the mind blowing art of Divination!" The professor exclaimed. She seems a bit loopy.

"In this room, you shall discover, if you possess the sight!" She stood up and knocked the table a little bit, causing a few students to giggle.

I leaned forward listening closely, my I am a seer! I could of seen the future.....

"I am Professor Trelawney, together we shall cast ourselves into the Future!" She made jazz hands and grinned.

'Yup, definitely has a screw loose'

"Today we will be doing Tasseography, which is the art of reading tea leaves!" I looked around to see everyone had a tea cup in front of them, but we weren't allowed to look in them.

"Please take the cup of the person sitting opposite you!" Me and Sasha swapped cups. Hers looked weird. She had a heart and a fish, which meant Love and good fortune!

"Hey, apparently your going to fall in love and have good fortune!" She grinned at me and I took it as she was happy.

Suddenly Trelawney gasped and jumped back. I turned to see her looking at Harry.

"My dear boy....poor child.....you have....the grim!" Everyone gasped and some idiot shouted, "the grin!?"

"Not the grin you twit, the grim, taking the form of a dog, it's one of the darkest omens in our world, it's the omen....of death!"

'Poor Harry!' I saw Sasha slowly raise her arm, "um, professor... (Y/N)'s cup, it has the dog!" She said in a shaky voice.
Once again people gasped.
"What!?" I stood and grabbed my cup......and it was there, the outline of a wolf like creature.

The professor took the cup and of my hands and took a look in it, it wasn't long until she gasped and dropped it, causing it to smash.

She looked between me and Harry, and said "both are different, ones a symbol of death....and the other is murder!"

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