Quidditch World Cup Part 2

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It was time for the games to start.

Lucius led me and Draco to the stadium and up what seemed like billions of stairs.

'Could they not put in an elevator!?'

"Blimey Dad, how far up we are?!" A familiar voice shouted. Looking up I could see the trio, Ginny, Mr Weasley and two other men.

"Well put it this way, if it rains, you'll be the first to know!" Lucius shouted up, causing Draco to snicker. When he saw the trio looking at me strangely, he wrapped his arm around my waist and continued following his father.

"We are in the minister's box, by personal invitation by Cornelius Fudge himself!" Draco gloated, earning a smack from me on his abdominal and a tut from his dad.

"Don't boast Draco, there's no need with these people" he showed me and Draco forward whilst he said something to Harry. I couldn't hear over the noise of the screaming fans.

I don't know what they are screaming about, the players aren't here yet...?

All of us got into the minister's box and we're greeted by the minister.

"Ah so glad you could make in time!" He grinned shaking Lucius' hand.

Well all settled down and sat near the edge of the barrier.

"This is gonna be great (Y/n)! I hope the Bulgarians win!" Draco grinned squeezing me tighter.

"Draco....please let go before you loose your hand..." I said smiling sweetly at him. He gulped and carefully removed his arm around my waist and placed it on top of my chair.

Soon the Irish came on to the pitch, blasting off green and white smoke. Lighting a giant firework that took shape of a leprechaun, and it started to dance!

This is my first time at a proper quidditch match and not just the ones at school!

Suddenly the leprechaun burst and the Bulgarian players came flying in.

Flying in a formation as one does a few tricks on his broom.

"Oi, who's that?" But my question was soon answered as a massive board projected his name and loads of people started to chant his name.

"KRUM!" Viktor Krum (sp?)

The Minister stood up and placed his wand on his neck to make his voice louder. Unfortunately being next to him it sounds like he's shouting directly in my ear.

"Good evening! As minister of magic, it gives me great pleasure to welcome each and everyone of you! To the final of the 422nd Quidditch World Cup...let the match begin!"

—Time Skip brought to you by Dumbledor's beard!—

It's time.

Currently me and Draco were walking away from the celebrations.
It was really noisy. Probably people who have had one to many drinks.

Barty Crouch Jr was waiting at the top of this hill.

"Ah there you two are!" He grinned and flicked out his tongue.

"Yes, now keep your tongue in your mouth before it gets cut off" I glared at him. Draco didn't seem bothered, to be honest he looked board.

A sudden scream was heard, and several explosions!

"It's started" I mumbled and sat down near Draco.

A herd of Death Eaters stormed through the tents, destroying everything in their path. Setting things on fire, and harming innocent people.

'I wonder if Harry and that lot are ok'

It didn't take long for everyone to clear, and tents to be burnt to the ground.

Barty took his leave to do his bit. I'm not entirely sure what it was.

"Enjoy the show?" Lucius asked, scaring the nifflers out of me!

"Yea, but I'm bored now..." Draco muttered, he barely even watched.

A flash of green got caught in my eye. Looking up I saw the dark mark.

Oh, that's what he had to do.

"Come now (Y/n), time to get you home"

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