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I'm so sorry that I haven't updated recently, but I've been busy with college stuff.

Anyways I've been tagged again, this time by OPPAI_DEVIL

I will answer 13 questions then will tag ten people to answer the same ones, or you can do them for fun, I don't mind!

Let's get to it!

1) What anime would you recommend?
I would recommend Blue Exorcist!
The characters are funny and the storyline is good.

2) Favourite anime?
My favourite anime is Fairy Tail

3) Favourite cartoon?
Scooby Doo is probably my favourite cartoon (Update: Scoobynatural 😍)

4) Favourite food?
Homemade chicken curry

5) Favourite song?
At the moment it's Pain by Three Days Grace

6) Favourite singer?
I don't have one

7) Favourite band?
Three Days Grace

8) Are you single?
Yup but I don't care

9) Do you have a yandere lover in real life?
Nope with emphasis on the 'p'

10) What type of dere are you?
I am a Kuudere apparently

11) Who do you like Batman or Superman?
Neither I prefer marvel

12) Favourite animal?
Fennic fox

13) What's your nationality?
I'm British

Ok tags!

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