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The light shining from the window grazed my eyelids. Opening one eye, I quickly regretted as the feeling of the sunlight melting my eyeball was intense.

Groaning, I got up and looked over at the sleeping blonde in the bed next to me.

Smiling lightly, I looked up at the clock.....'OMG I'M GONNA BE LATE FOR BREAKFAST!'

Rushing, I got out of bed and sorted my hair and put on the robes that were folded neatly next to me.

"Draco wake UP!" I shook him and he jolted up.

"Wha-" I pulled him out of bed before he could finish.

"Hurry up and get dressed!" Running to the doors, I flung them open and started to jog down to the main hall.

Before jogging back to the hospital ward, poking my head inside.

I saw a befuddled Draco still standing where I left him looking at the doors.

"I'll meet you at the great hall!"

-Mini Tim skip brought to you by Harry's 'apparently only' shirt-

I sat down next to Blaise, with Pugface in front of me, when Draco came walking down.

"Took you long enough" I tutted as he sat down, stuffing a forkful of (f/b/f) {Favourite breakfast food 🖤}.

"Hey it's hard when you only have one arm" rolling my eyes I went back to my food.

After a while, Pansy started to caress Draco's 'wounded arm'.

"Does it hurt at all?" She cooed, 'yuck, she makes me sick to my stomach'

What was worse was that he played along. "A bit, lucky for me though, Madam Pomfrey said that I could have lost it!"

"No sh-" I was interrupted by a shape kick to my shin.

Before I could say or do anything someone came running into the great hall.


Apparently Sirius has been sighted near Hogwarts. While the others chat about that and Draco's pathetic arm, I was thinking about finding Sirius!

-Time skip brought to you by Molly Weasley 💖-

We were walking to Defence Against the Dark Arts, our last lesson of the day.

"I wonder if this professor is gonna be useless as well" I mumbled walking into the class.

Why can't Dumbledore hire sane and proper teachers instead of looneys or my father's minions!

Snape should be the DADA professor.

When everyone filed in, the teacher moved away the desks and pushed forward a closet looking cupboard.

It rattled and everyone gasped, there's a boggart in there. Curse me for jinxing it last year!

"Intriguing isn't it!" Professor Lupin, as he told us, shouted from the back.

"Would anyone like a guess at what is inside?" He moved round to the front.

"That's a boggart!" I shouted out.
He turned towards me, "Very good Miss Riddle!"

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