The Yule what?

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Draco's POV

It can't be morning!

I swear I only went to sleep five minutes ago!!!

The sound of birds chirping filled my head as the sun attacked my face.

'Ugh' I buried my head into my pillows, maybe if I go back to sleep it will all go away.

It almost worked, until someone had the nerve to tap my shoulder.

"Come on mate, the girls are ready before us for once, breakfast is almost over, and if they don't get their food, it's our heads they'll be ripping off!" Blaise huffed, dragging my covers away, submitted me into the coldness of the world.

"As much as I want my head to stay attached, I'm too tired to do anyth-" he soon cut me off with something that made my blood boil.

"Riddle is gonna be talking to Potter soon if you don't get a move on!" (A/n: Draco doesn't know that Harry is your cousin 🖤)

I shot out of bed and got ready in record timing.

"Come on Blaise we are going to be late!" I hissed at him and charged out the door.

When the lounge of the common room came into view, I got to see the face of my beautiful girlfriend, even if she was half asleep and looked ridiculously bored, she was still gorgeous.

"Hey (n/n), come one lets get some food" I say whilst hugging her. I hear her mumble a reply but couldn't make out what it was.

I'm guessing she agreed as she soon started to drag me out of the common room, closely followed by Blaise and Sasha.

Crabbe and Goyle must already be at the great hall. Not that I'm surprised.

(Y/n)'s POV
Finally, Dragon Boy was up!!

I can finally get some food. Sometimes I wonder why we travel as a pack, the alpha pack of the school, but it's nice being together.

We took our seats at the Slytherin table and tuck into our breakfast.

A young boy came into the hall carrying a large box over to the Gryffindor table.

After a chat with the trio, he left.

"I wonder what that's all about?" I asked no one in particular, mainly cause no one was listening to me.

Ron opened the box and pulled out some hideous dress robes!

Harry and Hermione were joking around, until Hermione explained that it was for the Yule Ball.

'They Yule what?'

Professor Snape came to our table and made a quick announcement.

"Classes have been cancelled today if you are not already aware, however, in exactly one hour I want all the students from year 4 and upwards to be in this hall" with that he walked away.

"What the heck was that all about?" Sasha asked the question everyone was thinking.

"No idea" me, Blaise and Draco all said at the same time.

'I hope it's not a dance...'

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