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We were all making our way out of the shrieking shack, Harry and Sirius were helping Ron to walking since Sirius had wounded his leg pretty bad if I do say so.

Lupin was in charge of Peter and kept his wand pointed at him at all times, as for me and Hermione, she was helping me to walk AS NO ONE SEEMS TO CARE THAT I'M INJURED!

They three were talking up ahead but I wasn't listening.

Mione suddenly tripped on something, causing her to accidentally elbow my ribs. I hissed in pain, causing Lupin to look back at me.

"Are you ok (Y/n)?" His voice filled with concern. Peter had also looked back.

I glared at him and seethed out, "you! This is all your fault, just wait till my family here's about this!"

Hermione giggled, I looked at her with a raised eyebrow, questioning why she was laughing at me.

"You're beginning to sound like Malfoy!" She laughed. I started to chuckle but replied, "but my father can't hear about this!"

That's when the giggling stopped.

"I'm sorry, it must be hard no knowing your dad, only going off the horrid stories people tell of him" she sighed.

I just shrugged, which was a bad idea considering the condition I'm in.

"My mother and sister speak highly of him. Mother tells me of the times he m didn't act dark and evil, that actually he has a lot of love for his family, that he would have died protecting us..."

After that it was all quiet.

Once we got out, and climbed up the hill and out of under the whomping willow, Sirius took Harry away to talk to him.

The rest of us stayed behind. I pulled out my wand and began to heal my wounds. I only know self healing spells, since Draco taught me them a while ago.

He told me that he really wanted to be a healer when he was younger, but now he's not sure.

"Harry!" Hermione's voice broke me out of thought. I looked towards her and saw that she was pointing to the rising full moon!

Looking at Lupin, it was easy to tell that he was starting to change.

Sirius ran to him, trying to help him, but it wasn't working.

Lupin changing looks less elegant that me shifting into my form!

Peter saw this as his chance to escape and picks up Lupin's wand.

"Expelliarmus!" I shouted, successfully disarming him. He just smiled creepily and waved, turning into a rat.

Harry started to go after him, but was pulled back by Hermione.

Groaning I started to run after him.

"Fine I'll get him!"

Swiftly changing into the Strage, I chased after him.

He ran deep into the woods. He put up a good chase, running into bits that even as a human I couldn't fit into.

That's when he ran into a hole, one that I couldn't get inside of.

Sighing I went the other direction.

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