First Day

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The Slytherin common room was beautiful, the water from the Black Lake was reflected from the moonlight - my favourite light!

"Right First Years, boys are on the left and girls are on the right. Neither is allowed in either could not be clearer bout that" the prefect stated in a emotionless tone.
We all started to walk up to our assigned rooms, when the prefect stopped me.

"Miss Riddle you will have a room to yourself, follow me" he said, I obliged and followed him back to the common room.
He stepped up to a painting of a strict looking man with a stupid beard.
"All you have to do is say the password 'Riddle'"

"Riddle?" I asked quietly..
Suddenly the painting slide open and inside was a beautiful room.

"Your mother and the professors wanted you to have your own room" he said as he left

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"Your mother and the professors wanted you to have your own room" he said as he left.

I looked about the room and found my stuff already here as well as Sooty and Pippin.

I got changed into my (F/C) {favourite colour} pjs and snuggled into bed with my familiars,
'I'll send mum a letter tomorrow' and with that I fell into a dreamless sleep.

-Time skip brought to you by Draco's smirk 😏-

"Riddle!! Come on wake up, your going to be late!!" Shouted the unmistakable voice of Draco Lucius Malfoy.
I was already up, I had been for a few hours but I couldn't be bothered to get up and walk, do you know how much effort that takes!?

I rolled off my bed and landed with a thud.

"Riddle are you okay?" Draco asked, I could practically hear his smirk.
"I'm fine I'll meet you in the common room in five" I could hear his footsteps get fainter and started to change.

I've been thinking, I know I'm feared so why should I be shy? Well Hogwarts is a new start and I am going to be confident!

I quickly change (pic above 🖤) and I am not wearing a nasty, itchy, short, stomach squeezing skirt!!!
So I wear black leggings instead.
I leave my room but before I change Pippin into a Dragon necklace and put Sooty in my pocket as he's allowed to come with me.

Draco was sitting on the leather sofa with his two goons. He lifted his eyebrow when he saw me.
"Why are you wearing leggings, you know that's not the uniform" he questioned looking me up and down. I felt my cheeks getting warmer but I brush it off- it's only Malfoy....

"Well Malfoy why don't you go and put the skirt on huh" he looked at me with a weird face, "mhm didn't think so, come on let's go to get breakfast"

Turning I swaggered out of the common room. I could tell they followed me as I heard their hurrying footsteps trying to catch up.

Sitting at the end of the table, the only person near to me was Draco, I turned my head to see a fourth year staring at me, 'weirdo', looking straight at him I smirked and twirled my wand in my hand, ha that soon made him turn away.

I could hear Draco snickering behind me. He passed me my timetable.
Today I had:
•Transfiguration (with Gryffindor)
•Potions (with Gryffindor)
•Charms (with Gryffindor)
-Free Period
•Astronomy (with Gryffindor)

Turns out Draco has all the same classes as me which I'm relived since he's pretty much my only real friend.

In Transfiguration I sat next to Draco at the back. Professor McGonagall was in her cat form, I saw her change! Maybe she can help me..

Suddenly Potter and Weasley bursts into the room panting.
"Good thing old McGonagall isn't here yet" Ron said trying catch his breath, Harry just nodded. As he said that the cat on the desk jumped and shifted back into the professor.

"That was bloody brilliant!" Ron exclaimed. She gave them a strict glare, "thank you Mr Weasley perhaps I should turn one of you into a watch then maybe you'll be on time" Draco was snickering to which I nudged him in the ribs smirking.
"We got lost" Potter exclaimed, "a map then? I hope you don't need to one find your seats" it's decided she's my favourite teacher.

-Time Skip brought to you by the flying car-

Potions was boring, all Snape did was pester Harry who clearly didn't know anything, stupid useless Potter- woah where did that come from? Oh well.
I had to sit next to Goyle since Draco sat next to Crabbe.

It's hard to work with your partner if your partner is trying to move away from you, so I did it on my own.
Honestly I'M NOT GOING HURT ANYONE....but I could use this to my advantage, at least I don't get blocked by students on the hallways and no one dare pranks me hahahahaha.

Making my way down the quiet old hallway I heard someone running up to me.

"Hey wait up!!" That isn't anyone from Slytherin....

I turned on my heel only to come face to face with........Harry Potter
"Hey your (Y/N) right? I'm Harry Potter" he said with his hand out for me to shake.
Hesitantly I shook his hand, "I know who you are Mr Potter" I say with a smirk.
"Oh right" he blushed out of embarrassment, "don't worry about it, what can I do for you?" I question with an eyebrow raised.
"Oh I wanted to talk to you about um know who" I froze wide eyed, "I just want some info on him since I'm new to the magic world and no one seems to like to talk about him, Hagrid said your the only other who has survived him" he had to take a deep breath after, I giggled and said "sure, meet me by the Black Lake at eight o'clock" he nodded and ran back to his friends.

Maybe I could be friends with Potter I mean he doesn't seem to bad or could even hurt a fly.
Oh well guess I'll have to see at eight.

A/N: Yay Harry! So new chapter is out, thank you to those who read my story 😊 much appreciated!!
I'll try to update everyday or on weekends and holidays more times a day I don't know 😟

-Verkira 🖤

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