Animal I have Become

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After the flying lesson I was walking back to the common room with Malfoy and his 'posse' - Crabbe, Goyle, Zabini and ugh Parkinson just thinking about her name makes me sick to the stomach.....actually that's not what was making me feel sick...

My body began to violently shake in pain, I held back screams as I was trying not to be sick!

'Oh no, not here not now!!!!!' I could feel my body changing so I made a dash to the forest.
I could here them shouting for me but I didn't turn back, I knew my eyes were now ruby red instead of my normal (E/C) orbs.

I kept running, my entire body ached as my bones were growing. 'This is because I haven't shifted in a while'. I can change by will if I wanted to but because I haven't I am forced too.

The animal inside me is restless and fighting it's way out. The only other thing that causes me to change is anger, which is bad since I have my fathers temper....

As I sprinted further into the forest I let my body drop so I could change fully.

My nails started to grow longer and sharper, my hands turned into big black paws. My back arched and my spine bent, giant black dragon wings ripping out of my skin. What's sickening to me is that you can hear the crack - god I should have shifted sooner, it's like retainers if you don't wear them for a while you have to get back used to them...

My teeth became throat-slitingly sharp (not sure if that's a word but hey ho 🖤) and I could feel my face changing and my ears rounding, my senses flared up and I could smell stuff from miles away - like people's horrid socks, hmm probably Snapes.
My tail was my favourite and I could feel it growing, it kind of tickled!!!

All over my skin, soft black fur began to grow. The transformation was almost over, I grew massively in size - seven metres tall, about the size of a small dragon, definitely bigger than a hippogriff and werewolf....

I finished my changed and let out a sigh of relief, I loved and hated this body...
Hated it because it's my cursed form
Loved it because I felt free, I could fly, run for miles and not even Death Eaters could stop me!

Suddenly I heard a twig snap and my guard was instantly up, 'maybe I have to kill a student if they ever found out!'

I turned and growled only to find, Professor McGonagall.
I let down my guard when she held her hands up in surrender to say that she was no threat.

"Sorry professor" I mumbled with my head down, ashamed she had to see me like this.

"Oh you can talk dear, hmm interesting, do you know what creature you can change into Ms Riddle?" She spoke calmly as she inspected me, lifting my wings to make sure I wasn't damaged.

"No professor, do you?" I asked her as politely as I can, not wanting to sound or look more threatening than I do.

"You my dear can change into a Strage" (St-Rage 🖤) she said excitedly as if she made a new discovery- well I guess she kinda did.
"A Strage?" I've never heard of such a beast and I've read Scamander's (sp?) book.

"Yes my dear, it's a legendary beast only found in the olden times, said to be the king of the magic world! This is great, you Ms Riddle are very powerful indeed, if you have any questions about this transfiguration or the beast it's self do not hesitate to come and ask me" she stated smiling a kind smile.

I smirked and said "actually professor I do have one question" she gestured me to continue,

"Should I show the others?" She seemed surprised at my fairly decent question if you ask me.

"Maybe not right now Ms Riddle, perhaps when you have it a little more under control" she said quietly,
"Good evening Ms Riddle, and don't forget your homework due tomorrow" she winked and left.

Our homework was to research a magical animal of our choice, I knew what I was doing now.....

The Strage!

A/N: (Y/N) finally shifted at Hogwarts!!!
Oh btw Strage I believe is Latin for bloodbath, delightful I know.
Sorry if the shifting sounded gory but it will get better,

I wonder if anyone will see her as this creature....
Who knows

~Verkira 🖤

😊 - Thank you to all my lovely readers:
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