He's Back

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It was time for me to make my way down to the Third event. To say I was nervous was an understatement. I was not looking forward to Father returning at all. He would also be deciding if whether or not Draco would end up being my future husband as soon as we turn 18.

Barty Crouch Jr met me down at the tents of the finals task. The Maze.

"Exciting night isn't it Little Riddle!" It's weird hearing him talk with Alastor Moody's voice. Before giving me a chance to speak, he hurried me over to a mask. A Death Eater mask.

"I'm not wearing that!" I spat as he grinned, pushing me towards it, he whispered in my ear, "it's a port key, when the music starts grab hold of it, then let go on the count of three, your mother is waiting for you."

As if on cue, the loud music began to play and I begrudgingly grabbed onto the mask.

'I'm really going to regret this night'

The world span around me as I counted to three.

'One...Two...Three...Let go!'

I landed with a thump on the ground.
"Ow" I groaned as I stared up at the ceiling, when suddenly Wormtail came into view, scaring me with his rat like face.

"Young Mistress! Are you alright!?" I nodded as he hurriedly helped me up as my mother came into the room.

"(Y/n), darling!" She engulfed me into a hug as I got a look around the room.

It was made of old stone and was lit with candles.
In an old looking chair, sat my father, looking the same as he did when I saw him before the World Quidditch match.

I hugged my mother back, keeping a wary eye on the small cloaked figure on the chair.

A hand clamped onto my shoulder, making me jump as I recognised Ember's voice.

"Wow Little Sister, we were beginning to think you weren't coming"
I turned to face her with a glare.

"It wasn't like I had much of a choice!" I snapped.

My mother was quick to scold me as she handed me a cloak, with a good that would easily cover my face.

"(Y/n)! How dare you speak like that with your Father present!" Not wanting to upset her more, I hung my head in shame, "hurry up and put your cloak on, I can hear voices outside"

Sure enough, Harry's voice could be heard faintly in the distance.

Wormtail picked up my father and made quickly for the door that Ember had opened.

"Hoods up girls" Mother tutted as she followed Wormtail out.

Soon Harry and Cedric came into view. Cedric in a defensive stance and Harry holding his burning scar in pain.

"Kill the spare" I heard my Father rasp our.

I had to hold my tongue to refrain from screaming in denial and closed my eyes. That did nothing to hide the horrible flash of green as Wormtail shouted "Avada Kedavra!"

I winced at Harry's mournful cry and the sound of Cedric's body hitting the ground.

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