A/N!! (Kinda important but I won't force you to read it)

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(Which Tom Holland are you today? Rn I'm 4,8 and 14)

When I first started this fanfic, I never dreamed that I would get as many views and comments on it, and it all thanks to you lovely readers!!!!

I love you guys sooo much, you're so patient with me, and I know I haven't been updating a lot, but that's cause I'm trying to get an apprenticeship and focus on my weekend job.

From next week I think I'll have my schedule organised 🤞

So I've decided that in the mean time, I'll start a Supernatural Preferences book:
DDM (Daddy Daughter Moments)
BSM (Brother Sister Moments)
And Relationship wise.

I'll take requests with the preferences, and maybe the odd cheeky imagine (they'd all be with Reader, unless it's like Destiel)

If Supernatural is not your thing but want to read some of my writing, let me know if you want me to do a Marvel/Harry Potter/ or whatever fandom (as long as I know the characters and such) then I'll do another one.

My plan for the weekend after this one, to have finished this book up to when Umbitch comes in, my Hobbit book to the second film, and my avengers one until the Winter Solider.

In other news, I'm helping @fireferrets11201 with her fanfic, which will eventually be posted on my second account Lou_Verkira_

I love you so much Riddles! I cannot express how thankful I am of each and everyone of you!
I'm always up for a chat if you want to msg me! And if you have any books you'd like me to read I'd be privileged too!

See you next chapter!!!
~ Verkira 🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤

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