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Me and Draco were walking back to the common room together. We had left the feast earlier since we weren't hungry, well I had lost my appetite and he offered to come back with me.

He's being more pleasant towards me, I don't know why. Not that he was ever mean to me.

We had finally arrived at the dungeons and walked into the room.

"Goodnight (Y/N)" he gave me a small hug than left for his dorm.

"Yea, night Draco"

When I got into my room, I saw that it had changed yet again.

When I got into my room, I saw that it had changed yet again

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It looked more like a dorm room now, with two biggish beds. A girls voice broke me from my trance.

"Oh, hello there!" A thick American accent is what made me confused. I turned and saw a girl, about the same height as me.

She had long brown hair and pink eyes. "Hey, my names Sasha Valentine! I'm the new transfer student" she beamed.

"Hey....I'm (Y/N)" I shook her hand and began to get changed for bed. "Nice to meet you"

Sasha was soon fast asleep but I laid there awake. My arms folded behind my head.

Three people seemed to swim around my mind. My mother, Sirius......and Draco.

Sleep soon got the best of me and I could feel my eyelids start to droop.

As darkness indulged me, I drifted off into sleep.

I woke up in my bed at home, 'huh so maybe I just dreamt going back?' I got up and started to walk around. Once on the landing I caught the smell of freshly made pancakes. Running down the stairs and into the kitchen, I saw a small blurred figure sitting at the table eating.

The feeling of arms around my waist was evident. "Hey Love" I subconsciously hummed and leaned back into the strangers touch, 'What's happening!?'


I suddenly awoke to Sasha shaking me.

"Come on (Y/N) we are gonna be late for the first day!" She hurried into the bathroom to get ready.

Slowly sitting up, I replayed my dream in my head.

'Was that the future? Who was that guy.....and the small figure?'

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