Feelin Proud!

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I quickly ran out of the bathroom and straight to the Slytherin common room. Shifting back - Merlin it feels good to be able to shift easily! - I whispered the password "Pureblood" and entered the green room.

It had gone a little past curfew, so I expected everyone to be in their dorms, but I saw one person on the sofa, reading - well then it won't be Draco then hahaha!

It was Blaise.

He turned around to see me wide eyed.

Blaise's POV

Finally she's come back! Draco was having a right old fit - I swear he has a crush on that girl, this is worse than an overprotective brother!
He was almost crying when we got to the common room and she was no where in sight, but he didn't, I know he wanted to keep his reputation. So instead he yelled at everyone, yippee for us!


"Someone go and find her!!" Malfoy yelled out to all of the Slytherins. "Malfoy your overreacting", "yea I'm sure she's fine". The older students tried to calm him down, but I can see where he's coming from. It has been a while since she said she'd meet us in the common room, it is possible she saw the troll on the way here.

"SHE COULD BE HURT!" He was proper fuming, if he was a cartoon he'd have steam practically flowing out of his ears.

After about 10 minutes of arguing he finally went to bed, I decided to wait for a while, considering I wasn't tired.

"Where were you!?" I whispered yelled at her, this girl has caused more chaos in here than I don't know what!

(Y/N)'s POV

"Where were you!?" Blaise exclaimed quietly, "out" was all I replied with, one I'm exhausted, two none of the Slytherins would appreciate me saving a mudblood- from Gryffindor no less!

"Yeah right, you almost gave Malfoy a heart attack!" I instantly felt bad, I didn't want to worry anyone, when will they realise that I am not weak!

"I am not weak Zabini, I can take care of myself!"

Right then someone hugged me from behind, and buried their head in my shoulder, the sent of mint and cinnamon washes over me and I immediately know who it is....

"You worried me Riddle! Why didn't you come back!?" He whispered shouted, still hugging me.

I turned around to hug him back, "I told you I had to get something," he was about to say something but I cut him off, "but it wasn't in the great hall so I checked potions" I lied quickly, I hate lying to Draco but he would never accept me if he knew I saved Granger. I'm not even sure why I did...

"Well from now on you are not to leave my side! You will stay we me and the boys, I promised father that I would make sure nothing happens to you, and I can't do that if you are putting yourself in danger!" Oh so he only cares about his reputation and fathers word, no yea that's totally cool.

With my head down I muttered a "yes Draco"

Heading to my room, I whisper the password and enter. Pippin and Sooty come running up to me.

"Hey guys" I whisper, petting them lightly on the head, they always bring a smile to my face, even if it's a small one...

Changing into my pjs, I snuggled into my nice, comfy bed with my familiars cuddling with me!
The minute my head hit the pillow I fell into a deep sleep....

A/N : Sorry that's it's short and not very good by I did write this at 4 in the morning hahaha 😂

So I was thinking of doing small chapters after big events - like this one, so it builds more to the story! 😊 but again if you don't like it I will change it~

I'm taking requests on what should happen, for example the Christmas chapter is coming up fairly soon, so what should happen to (Y/N), should she stay, go home, go to the Malfoy's (I have ideas for all!) 🦄

Until next time my loyal readers!
~Verkira 🖤

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