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"Can't believe you are gonna be a murderer Riddle" Malfoy snickered as we were walking down to our next class: Care of Magical Creatures!

"Yea, just like her father!" I heard some one shout behind me. I kept my head low; I wasn't going to kill anyone! And I certainly don't want to be like Voldemort!

"Bug off" Ethan shouted back, as Sasha just gave me a reassuring pat on the back.

It wasn't long until we got to Hagrid's hut. "Come on now, come closer, be quiet if you don't mind!" Hagrid was at the front, bunching everyone together.

We just stayed at the back. "Got a real treat fer ya taday! A great lesson!" He grinned and started to walk away, "follow me!"

Everyone started to follow him into the outskirts of the forest where he normally keeps his animals. I've seen them a few times when I come down her to stretch my wings.

"Right, less chattering, and form a group over there....oh and open yer books ta page 49!" He turned to leave when Draco shouted out.

"And how are we supposed to do that exactly!" He snapped, I hit him on the chest before Hagrid could reply and stated in a matter of fact tone, "stoke the spine idiot" he did so and pulled a face.

Neville's book started to attack him and he fell, I simply started down at him, "don't be such a wimp longbottom" he got up saying he was ok, but he really wasn't as it did it again. Haha Gryffindors and their stupidity. (no offence any gryffindors out there! 🖤)

I caught up to Draco and his goons as they put their stuff down.

"Oh yes, terribly funny, really witty! God this place has gone to the dogs, wait till my father hears how Dumbledore has this oaf teaching classes!" He spat at the trio, "Draco..." I said in a low warning tone. But the idiot still continued.

Harry came forward, "shut up Malfoy!" He glared, Draco and his goons simply just 'oooooed' at his warning, Draco handed his bag to me, wait let me rephrase that, he dumped his bag into my arms and advanced to Harry.

I just dropped his bag and watched as the scene played. He walked up to him acting 'tough' sticking his hands in his pockets.

When he looked up at nothing with a scared face. "Dementor! Dementor!" He shouted pointing behind Harry as he and nearly everyone looked towards where he was pointing.

However when he turned around Crabbe, Goyle, Ethan and Draco all had their hoods up and made ghost noises and laughed at him.

"Morons" I muttered under my breath.

Hagrid broke the tension by coughing to get people's attention.

"Dud da da da!" He cheered and motioned to a feathery creature with the head of an eagle and the body of a horse, a Hippogriff! (Sp?)

"Isn't he beautiful, say hello to Buckbeak!" He announced, throwing 'Buckbeak' a dead rodent of sorts.

"Hagrid, what the bloody hell is that thing?" Ron whisper shouted, I rolled my eyes, if people would actually read page 49 they'd know!

"Dat Ron is a Hippogriff!"

I raised my hand, "but aren't they supposed to be dangerous Hagrid?" I questioned and he just chuckled, "only like you (Y/N), now you do not want to insult a hippogriff, might be the last this you do!" I heard Draco and his goons gulp, no doubt one of them will insult him!

"Now, who would like to say hello" everyone took a step back apart from me and Harry, who seemed to be in a trance. "Well done Harry!" I guess since I was at the back, he didn't see me keep still.

Hagrid taught Harry how to approach him and be sure to bow!

Eventually he managed to pet him.

We all clapped, except the Slytherins, who pushed people out of the way to get a better look.

"I'll think he'll let you ride him now!" Hagrid startled dear cousin and lifted him onto Buckbeak!

"No! Hagrid!" Hagrid gently slapped Buckbeak's thigh and he took off!

"Go follow them (Y/N) make sure there are no problems" I sighed and ran changing into the Strage as I jumped, hearing a few gasps as I did so.

It didn't take me long to catch up, he was flying near the black lake. Getting along side them, Harry looked at me and grinned, which I returned, soaring through the air.

He reached out hims arms and cheered, clearly enjoying himself.

I giggled at his enthusiasm, and started to make my way back to the forest, knowing Buckbeak would follow.

Landing, I changed back and saw Harry come down off Buckbeak. He started to speak to Hagrid as I went over to Buckbeak. Bowing carefully, I looked up and saw he did back. Smiling, I lifted my hand up to pet him, but was rudely interrupted by Draco.

"Yes, see you're not dangerous at all are you, you great ugly brute!" He sneered getting closer to the creature.

"Draco no!" But it was too late, Buckbeak reared up ready to attack him. I tried to push him out of the way, but he got his arm scratched and I got one going down my eye.

Hagrid managed to send Buckbeak away as Draco laid rolling on the ground.

"Ugh is killed me, it's killed me!" He whimpered like the drama queen he is.

Hagrid panicked, "calm down its just a scratch!" Hermione pointed out that we need to go to the medical ward.

Hagrid picked Draco up, and Harry helped me up, I just started following Hagrid, holding my eye as I heard, "you are going to regret this....you and your bloody chicken!"

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