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It's been a few weeks since we have been back from the Christmas holidays. Not much has happened, the golden trio have been getting into more trouble lately. Especially Harry, his broom went crazy in one of his games, stupid Potter, can't control his broom.

I was currently on my down to the enchanted forest so that I could go for a run and short fly. I was going to invite Draco so he could see what I can turn into, I wasn't going to show him at Christmas, because my mother would kill me....

Anyway, I can't show Draco as he has detention tonight for being a snitch, I did tell him not to go out past curfew.

When I got to the forest, I got this feeling...I don't know what it was, it just- something doesn't feel right.
I kept walking when I saw a trail of silver liquid.

Unicorn blood.

Poor beast it must be injured badly.

Once I was deep enough I shifted. It feels so go to be in this body. Makes you feel free.

"We can't go in there!" Malfoy?

"There's....werewolves!" Wow he's such a wuss, I'm guessing they are doing their detention here with Hagrid.

Hagrid knows I'm here, I think.

Hagrid's POV

Taking 4 students into the forest at night? That's about to far for a punishment if you ask me.
I know how dangerous some of the creatures are in there and I don't want any of them to get hurt.....including Malfoy because we'd never hear the end of it.

(Y/N) should be in there right now, so if we run into danger I'm sure she'll help us.

Reader's POV

Yup they have their detention here. Why!? Ugh I can never have peace at this school.

I saw them. Watching from a distance so they don't notice me in the dark.

"What's that?" Potter asked as Hagrid clearly just put his hand in unicorn blood. Ew.

"That Mr Potter, is why we 're 'ere" as Hagrid explained what they have to find, I notice Harry looking at something. Moving my eyes to where his where I saw a figure, dressed in black creep through the fog. Hmm very suspicious.

"Fine but I get fang!" Malfoy woke me up from my thoughts, he does know that fangs a-

"Alright, but 'es a bloody coward" there you go. You are only here to find an injured unicorn Malfoy, what could go wrong?

I decided to follow Potter and Malfoy, mainly because I didn't want to here Weasley's whimpering.

A howl was heard from a distance, any other werewolf I presume.

"What was that!?" Malfoy asked, clearly that made him jump. "Scared" Potter sneered, look just cause your the golden boy doesn't mean you perfect Potter, you have reasons in this forest to be scared.

My nose suddenly caught scent of something. Unicorn blood. But also, something familiar, something I can't quite put my wand on. Great this is going to annoy me for the rest of the day.

Keeping my distance I let them go a head. I have dealt with creatures in the forest before, only in self defence though.

"AHHHHHHH" someone screamed, Malfoy?

Suddenly Draco came into my vision and looked up at my bright red eyes.
Fear frozen on his face.

"Hello Draco!" I smile at him, only to remember that I'm not in my normal form.

"AHHHH" he screamed again before passing out.

Sighing I picked him up and placed him on my back. Running to where he came from I saw Harry having a staring contest with a figure dressed in black. He kept rubbing his scar and hissed, clearly in pain. It was about to attack him, it was clearly drinking the unicorn blood, but who would want to live a half life?

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