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Okay, so the next update will be decided by this chapter, you'll see why I'm a minute.

So, I've got a bit.....okay a lot of writers block so I've decided to come to you, my loyal readers for help.

As you know I'm almost at an end with year four, so I want to start planning ahead with year five.

I've started reading other Draco x reader fanfics, and they are pretty much all the same.
Slytherin reader joins Dumbledore's army, Draco finds out, they have a fight.

If you guys want to me do that I will. However I was think more like, (Y/n) tries not to get involved or plays a Snape and becomes some sort of double agent.

There's also the case of Umbitch....sorry I mean Umbridge. She favours the Slytherins because she was one....I think? But she also doesn't accept that Lord Voldemort is back. So what would she do when she meets Lord Voldemort's daughter?

So I've come up with some options. If you could please vote on them, I wouldn't be most grateful, and it would give me an idea of where to go, that way I can update more!

1) (Y/n) joins Dumbledore's Army, Umbridge is the kindest to her when they are caught, because she is scared of her. Draco finds out, he feels betrayed and thinks (Y/n) is cheating on him with Harry, but soon learns they are cousins (I can't remember if he knows or not, I'll have to read back)

2) (Y/n) becomes a double agent, helping Harry but also pretending to be a part of Umbridge's gang. Though Umbridge is tough on her as she keeps saying that Voldemort has returned.

3) (Y/n) gets detention with Harry, then does a Draco and tells her father about it. Outraged Voldemort has given her the order of killing Umbridge, but Denys him......what will he do?

I'm going to leave the voting open until Monday morning (10 am UK time), that way I can write a load this week!

Thank youuuuu!

~ Verkira 🖤

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