Unforgivable Curses!

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'Day 1 at my new year at Hogwarts, it's only half way through the day and I'm all ready bored'

I sighed as I sat in the common room. It was currently lunch time and most of the Slytherins were outside.

Me? No, I had to sit and wait for Dragon boy as he changed his robes.

He was convicted that a 'filthy mudblood' had touched them and therefore made them 'unclean'.

Could he be any more of a drama queen?

"Come along (Y/n), defence against the dark arts starts soon" think of the devil.

Begrudgingly I stood up and took his awaiting hand, apparently it was good to hold hands.

I don't see the point, I mean, what does it show?

Oh well, I just go with the flow, if he's happy, I'm happy.

Mainly cause I don't have to deal with his whining.

"So what do you think Mad Eye is gonna be like?" He asked as we walked down the corridor.

Draco doesn't know that it's actually Barty Crouch Jr.

I'm not to pleased about it. He's absolutely mental! Mother and Ember like him, I don't he's so.....him.

But, I guess I don't really know him. I'll give him a chance I suppose.

"I don't know, he can't be worse than Lockheart" I chuckled, remembering the clown of a professor.

His smile still gives me nightmares.

When we got to the classroom, most of the students were there.

We took the seats next to Harry and Ron. Unfortunately Draco sitting the closest to them.

Harry turned and gave me a smile and a small wave, before turning back to talk to Ron.

Draco started at him.

I nudged his shoulder as whispered, "I could set you up with Harry if you'd like, then you would have to stare like a hopeless damsel with a crush"

His cheeks turned a noticeable pink as he turned to glare at me.

"Don't even think about it Riddle!"

—Mini Time Skip brought to you by Fall Out Boy 🎼—

Mo- Barty strolled in and stopped right in front of the class.

He began to write on the chalk board as he talked.

"Alastor Moody, ex Auror, ministry malcontent! And your new defence against the dark arts teacher, I'm here cause Dumbledore asked me, end of story, the end, goodbye.....any questions?"

As he looked around, his fake eye moved around. It actually quite cool!

Looking around, a lot of students had a face that screams, 'he's lost
a few screws loose!'

"When it comes to the dark arts, I believe in a practical approach!"

'Oh this is gonna be good!' I grinned.

Ok so maybe the guy was ok, even if he was acting like someone else.

"But first, can anyone tell me how many unforgivable curses there are?" I was about to put my hand up when Granger shouted out the answer.

"Three sir" she mumbled.

"And they are so named?" He began to write on the board again.

"Because they are unforgivable, the use of anyone of them will-" she cut off by Crouch.

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