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Today is the day!
The First Task of the Triwizard tournament.

It dragons from what I've been told. Dangerous but not entirely fatal.
Still, I'm sure Harry will need my help.

I came out of my room wearing a warm comfortable outfit.

I came out of my room wearing a warm comfortable outfit

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"Hey (n/n)" Draco said, once he spotted me.
It weird to think that we are technically dating now, it just feels like we are really close best friends, but, I guess that's how a relationship should be?

"Hey Dragon Boy!" He walked over to me and gave me a hug.

"You ready to go! I better Potter is gonna get smashed!" He laughed and his goons soon joined in.

'Harry will not get smashed as I'll be there to help him' I mentally tutted and put on a grin.

"We'll see, Hey listen, I'll meet you guys down their, I gotta go find Hagrid, he wanted my help with something" I blatantly lie. But they seemed to buy.

"Um...ok? Sure we'll meet you there! Don't leave me waiting!" He winked.

We all left the common room, going separate ways.

I wasn't going to Hagrid, I was going to Harry, and as luck would have it, I saw up walking up to the tournament tent.

Everyone was avoiding him like the plague.

"Hey Harry!" I ran up to him and hugged him from behind.

"Hello (Y/n!" He looked relieved to see a smiling face at him instead of a glare.
I let go off him as people were giving odd looks.

"I just wanted to say good luck! I know you'll do awesome...but if need be, I'll be by the side ready to jump in!"

This has nothing to do with father, I just don't want to see him being burnt alive by a living furnace.

"Thanks (Y/n), but I don't want to be caught cheating!" He shook his head.

'Yea cause you actually being in the tournament isn't cheating'

"Don't worry, no one will know!" I winked and started to walk off, when the Slytherins came into view.

"Well, I gotta go! Try not to die!"

-Time Skip brought to you by The trailer of the new Maze Runner!!!!😝-

The other three had battled their dragons, I gotta say, they were all impressive, but naturally they did make a few mistakes.

Now it was Harry's turn.

"I can't watch this!" I muttered to Draco who was sat on my left side, having the time of his life apparently.

"You're gonna miss the best bit!" He whined.

Giggling I knocked off his hat.

"I'm sure you'll tell me all about it!" It wasn't that I couldn't watch, I had to be prepared.

Sneaking my way down to arena, I managed to get into a spot where no one would see me, and I could watch the action.

Harry came out of the cave and immediately spotted the egg! He made a dash for it when suddenly the dragons tail landed harshly right next to him!

The dragon attacked with its tail a few times, but he dodged them all!

Well, most.

He tried to climb the walls of the rock, but only got crushed by chunks of stone.

It flicked him with its tail, sending him flying and landing hard.

I wonder if he's getting flashbacks to the duelling club?

He soon recovered, and barely missed the flames that were shot towards him.

"Your wand Harry!" I heard Hermione shout from the stands.

But I doubt there's a spell to stop a dragon, that he knows of?

"Accio: Firebolt!"

Ah, very clever, I'm guessing Barty told him he could use his wand to summon his broom.

Soon enough it came and his was up in the air!

The dragon flew up to follow him, only to see his was chained, but, that's wasn't a problem for it as it easily broke out.

'My time to shine!'

Harry's POV

Ok, step one get broom!
Done that.

Step two, get the egg....better make that step three, step two get rid of dragon before it kills you.

'Well done Harry'

I could hear the powerful beast as it flew behind me. Chasing me, luckily the Firebolt was faster at the moment.

It chased me until we got to the tower, where I lost sight of it.

Maybe it went back to the egg....

Or not!

It sprung up in front of me, and knocked me off my broom.

Screaming, I slid down the room and managed to grab ahold of the window before I fell to my death.

I could see the Firebolt but couldn't reach it!

And to make things worse, it spotted me.

'(Y/n) where are you!'

Right on time, a fast blur of black shot upwards and knocked the dragon off the roof, giving me time to try and reach for my broom.

Looking down I could see the two beasts battling it out, the Horn Tail being a bit larger.

I managed to grab the Firebolt, when I heard a pain filled yelp.

The Horn Tail's Tail had partially impaled (Y/n)!

"NO!" I shouted zooming up too her.

But she beat me too it. Pushing forward, she grabbed the dragon's neck with her jaws and threw it into the stone bridge and down the canyon.

She looked up at me and nodded, telling me to go.

I could hear her following, and saw her land.

Once I came into view, everyone started to cheer, Hermione the loudest. I easily swiped the egg and make it back into the tent.

There she was waiting for me.

Battered, bruised, claw marks all over her body and blood pouring into her t-shirt!

"You did it Harry!" She smiled through the pain and hugged me.

"Thanks too you! Now come one, we got to get you to Madam Pomfrey!"

~little bonus~

(Y/n)'s POV

I was sat quietly in the hospital wing, when suddenly the doors burst open.

Draco and his goons came running in, and stopped abruptly at my bed.

"What...what happened?" Draco's eyes widened at the bloody bandages.

"I slipped and fell" I shrugged going back to my crossword.

"You slipped and fell?" Blaise scoffed half heartedly.
They all took a seat either in my bed or in a chair.

"Yup, down the stairs, coming back from getting a sandwich, any questions? No? Ok" I smiled.
"Look you guys I'm fine, just...bring me some pudding after dinner!"

They all grinned and nodded.

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