Its Time.....

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Things have been weird at Hogwarts lately, people are still on edge.

More attacks have happened. However it won't be long until the antidote is made.

Thank Merlin that the year is nearly over, only have exams to do now.

Right now, me and Draco were walking back to the common room after studying in the library.

I hate studying, it's so boring!

"I'm surprised that the school hasn't been closed yet" Draco stats, breaking what I thought was a comfortable silence.

"Ok, then where would you go?" I questioned, surely he didn't want to go abroad for school.

"I'd be homeschooled of course!" I wish I could be homeschooled, but the ministry would think my family would be teaching me dark magic.

We made it to the common room fairly quickly. It was pretty much empty, as a lot of students would be going to extra classes for their exams.

Apart from Crabbe and Goyle, they are probably in the kitchen.

Pansy was in the common room, much to my displeasure. She's so annoying, with her squeaky voice, and her horrid nicknames like 'Draky-poo' yuck! I think she's in love with Draco.

I feel bad for they guy. If he's attracting creatures like her!

-Time skip brought to you by Padfoot 🐾-

I was happily sitting on my bed, when suddenly chills ran down my spine.

The door swung open, and Ember came in, her cloak on her body and mine in her hands.

"Put the cloak on, it's time" she said.

But the tone of her voice, I decided not to push for further information.

It was fear and nervousness.

Wrapping the cloak around my body, I followed her out into the empty common room, and out into the dark corridor.

"Where are we going" I hissed, but she didn't answer.

Ember's POV

'It's only a matter of time now, father will have regained his body and will return!'

I feel really bad about dragging my little sister into this, but she was born into it.

I lead her to the girls lavatory, and stood by the sink.

"All students are to return to their house common rooms, all teachers are to go to the second corridor immediately" McGonagal's voice strained through the speakers.

I looked at (Y/N) and I could tell she's frightened by the look in her eyes.

Pointing my hand at the entrance to the chamber, "Open" I said in Parseltongue.

(Y/N)'s POV

The sinks started to change, and soon appeared what looked like a tunnel going down, and if you jump you die.

"Come on" Ember jumped down.

Debating quickly, I jumped too.

It was like a massive slide!

I cheered on my way down, out of habit though.

A load of bones 'cushioned' my fall.

"This way" I followed my sister into a dark tunnel.

Pulling out my wand, "lumos" and the tunnel light up.....well at least the path I'm walking did.

It wasn't long until we arrived in a room, with snake head statues and a giant head statue, which I'm guessing is Salazar Slytherin.

A body lay by the water.

Running up to it I realised that it was Ginny Weasley!

"What have you done to her!?" I shouted at my sister.

She became emotionless, and pulled my struggling form off of Ginny.

Heading into one of the tunnels, where we could still see Ginny.

She held me tightly with her hand on my mouth.

"Shhh, just wait"

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