Mugged Part 2

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The next day....

"When can i go home?" Harry asked his Mum.

" i don't know love, wait and see what the doctor says. He should be here soon." she smiled.

Harry sighed, yes he was in pain, but he just wanted to go home, he hates hospitals.

His memory of the previous night was still a blur. He tried to remember something, but he just couldn't.

The doctor came in, and greeted them both. "Good morning! And how are you feeling today Harry?"

" like shit! " he replied, earning a light slap on his arm from Anne. "Harry!"

" Sorry! "

"It's fine, and understandable." The doctor said, a small smile showing .

He did the usual checks, before checking his injuries. Harry winced quite a bit as he prodded and poked him.

Harry's dislocated shoulder had been put back in to place while he was sedated, but it was aching quite a lot. He was going to need some physiotherapy on that later on.

"I still have a headache. Making me feel sick." Harry told the doctor, who took down notes.

" Ok...I'll get a nurse to give you more painkillers. Do you think you might be sick, or is it just a feeling? " he asked.

"I'm not sure. I just feel weird."

" Ok. I think we need to keep you in again tonight, keep an eye on you." he said as he left the room.

Harry sighed and laid back, he closed his eyes, trying not to cry, he felt like crap, and wanted hid own bed.

"You ok love? Can i get you anything?" Anne asked, putting an arm around him. He started crying. " Baby, don't cry, everything will be ok. "


The nurse had given Harry some strong painkillers, making him fall asleep. Anne took this opportunity to go home and freshen up. Louis paid a visit, seeing his friend asleep, he sat back and caught up on his social media.

Looking through his Facebook,he saw lots of posts about Harry, his friends sending him good wishes and lots of love. This made Louis think just how loved his friend is. He hoped that thug who attacked him gets put in prison.

Harry started to wake up, groaning at his sore shoulder.

"Hey Harry! How you feeling mate?" He asked.

"Lou! I feel a bit sick!. Where's Mum?"

" Oh, she's just popped home to have a shower and stuff, you know? " he replied.

Harry gagged holding his mouth, just as Louis grabbed the sick bowl beside the bed, placing it under his chin, and catching Harry's vomit. It wasn't a lot, and was soon over. Louis handed Harry a tissue to wipe hi s mouth, and some water to rinse his mouth.

Harry was looking sadly down at his hands, picking at his fingers. "Someone attacked me?" He asked.

Louis rubbed up and down Harry's arm. "Yes H. I'm afraid so. They've arrested him though."

Louis saw a tear roll from Harry's eye.

"Mate, you'll be ok. I'm...I'm sorry this happened after you left us. We should've gone with you!"

Harry sniffed and wiped some tears away. "It's not your fault Lou. I don't blame you."

The two friends hugged for quite a while. Louis could feel the tension in Harry's body ease off, relaxing slightly.


Harry had been home for a week. His facial injuries were healing, you could still see them, but they were a lot better.

He was due to start physio on his shoulder next month. But...he wasn't doing well mentally.

He hadn't been outside since the attack. His friends kept trying to get him out, but he always had an excuse.

Truth is he was scared, so much!

The nightmares came every night. He was exhausted from lack of sleep.

Louis had come to visit. Anne left them alone to go shopping.

"Harry...we were wondering. Niall is having a party tomorrow's Niall! " he laughed. "You wanna come? There won't be too many people there." He smiled, in hope.

"No thanks" he said, simply.

"Oh come on Hazza. You need to get out. It'll be fun!"

He stayed silent, watching the tv.

Louis got up and sat next to him on the sofa. "Harry. Talk to me please. "

Harry started shaking as the tears fell. "I..I can't. " he cried.

"Can't what?"

" I'm scared to. " he whispered.

"To...go outside you mean?" Louis asked.

Harry nodded and put his face in his hands, full on sobbing.

Louis wrapped his arms around him, Harry put his head against Louis chest, and shook with tears flowing quickly.

"Harry! It'll be alright. We're going to help you, because we all love you so much. We want you to be happy again. Ok? Just let us help you?"

Harry nodded, but stayed cuddled up to Louis, eventually he fell asleep in his best friends arms.

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