School Seizure Part 2

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Anne pulled into the hospital car park. She looked over at Harry, seeing he was asleep again. She tapped his arm a few times until he woke up, feeling groggy.

"Mmmm...what? He slurred opening his eyes slowly.

" we're at the hospital, love, come on let's get you to a doctor"

She opened the door, and got out, scooting around to Harry's side, opening his door and helping him out.

Once inside, she checked him in and they waited to be seen. It was quite busy, so they expecting to wait a while.

However, before he could get to a doctor, Harry suddenly fell forward off his seat onto the floor, shaking violently, worse than before. People around him moved out of the way, as Anne sat next to him shouting for help.

A nurse and a doctor had rushed to his side, asking Anne to move over. They took over. It was horrifying for Anne to see her baby boy in such distress.

After what seemed like hours, but was in fact only 3 minutes, his seizure had stopped. His eyes stayed shut, his forehead dripping with sweat. He'd been moved up onto a trolley and wheeled into a private room.

Doctors were doing various tests, while Anne sat nervously near him, tears flowing freely.

An hour of tests and scans later, and Harry started to wake up.


" It's ok baby, I'm here" she cried, his hand in hers. "You had another seizure, they've done tests and a scan, I'm waiting for the doctor. How are you feeling?" She looked concerned.

Harry sat up holding his stomach, his face looking pale, Anne grabbed a nearby sick bowl as Harry vomited hard into it. She hated seeing him being sick, as she knows that he hates being ill. He threw up again, sweat dripping down his face. He sat back against his pillows and started crying.

"Hey darling, don't cry, we'll get you sorted out,ok?" Anne cuddled Harry as he wrapped his arms around her.

The door to his room opened, and the doctor walked in looking concerned.

"Hello Harry. My name is Doctor James." He walked over, shaking Harry's hand and taking a seat next to him.

"Right....let's see...yes. I'm afraid that your scan showed that you have epilepsy. You're going to need to take some medication to control it. We need to know if anything triggered this. Have you been under any stress lately? Can you think what might've triggered you?" The doctor asked him.

" I'm studying for my exams, that's been a bit...stressfull...i guess. I've been really tired and worrying that I'll fail" he replied sadly.

"Oh Harry, you should've told me how you were feeling" Anne stroked Harry's hand again.

"Ok...well We'll need to assess you, see exactly what's going on. We'll put you on some anti epileptic drugs and see how that goes. Try not to worry about the exams, you'll need to inform your school about this too." The doctor continued.

"Thank you doctor" Anne said and Harry nodded.

The doctor rose from his seat shaking both of their hands. He left the room.

Harry burst into tears.

"I don't want to have fits Mum. It's horrible. I feel horrible" tears were flowing down his pale face.

"Love, we'll get you on these drugs, and see if that helps, you need to calm down please" Anne replied, pulling Harry into a big hug, rubbing his back up and down. Harry was shaking uncontrollably. He eventually cried himself to sleep, Anne put him back onto his pillows and tucked him in.

Anne had gone to look for someone to ask when they could go home. She went to reception where she was informed that they'd like to keep Harry in overnight and all being well he can leave in the morning. They'd need to wake him soon to start him on his meds.

Anne went back to her son, who was in a deep sleep. He looked so small, frail, exhausted. Anne was crying a bit, getting a tissue out to blow her nose. She reached into her bag, getting her phone out, going out of the room she sent a text.

Me: Hi Jay. Thought i should tell you that we're at the hospital. Harry had another seizure. He's been diagnosed with epilepsy. Xx

She pressed send and waited for a reply. 3 minutes later, her phone pinged.

Jay: hi love. Omg I'm so sorry. How's he doing? And you? You must be worried sick x

Me: i am,it's awful. He looks so vulnerable. He's sleeping right now. We can go home tomorrow, hopefully.xx

Jay: poor boy. Louis has been so worried. He was going to text but i told him to wait. X

Me: he's a good boy. Harry's lucky to have Louis as a friend, as am i to have you! Xx

Jay: love, thankyou. I feel the same. Do u need me to bring anything over for you?x

Me: no, thanks Jay, think we're ok. It's been a long day, I'm hoping they'll let me sleep in his room. I don't want to leave him. Xx

Jay: I'm sure they will. Tell Harry that we both send him our love.xx

Me: i will, thanks, i better get back. See you soon. Xx

Jay: xxxx💕

Anne walked back into the room, just as Harry was being woken up to take his meds.

"Here Harry, you need to take these pills". A nice young nurse handed him 2 pills and a glass of water. He took them and swallowed them without a fuss.

" Thanks" he said quietly to her as she left the room.

"How are you feeling love?" Anne asked.

"I've felt better" he tried to smile.

They said you can probably go home tomorrow. I'm staying with you, ok? " his Mum smiled, sitting next to him.

"I'm so tired Mum!" He yawned.

" Go back to sleep love, you need to rest" Anne replied leaning over to kiss Harry's cheeks. "Goodnight my Love. I love you" .

"Love you too Mum!" Harry whispered as he closed his eyes and fell asleep for the rest of the night.

I think I'm going to do a full story about this fic. It's going to be titled "The fit boy" I'll start writing it soon.
Watch this space, and thanks for reading! Xxx

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