Hurt on stage

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One direction were in the middle of a world tour. Tonight, they were playing their 3rd out of four shows at the 02 in London.

"Hey...02! How's everyone doing?" Harry shouted. The crowd went wild screaming.

"Let's get this party started!!!" Louis yelled. They all started singing and kind of dancing, the crowd joining in.

Everyone was having a great night, until the last song, which was 'best song ever'.

Things had been getting thrown on stage all evening, it was something the band were used to. But...someone decided it would be a great idea to throw a full can of drink!

Harry hadn't seen it coming, it hit him right in the forehead. He screamed, clutching his head, and fell to the floor.

Some people were screaming and shouting. Afraid for their idol. Some fans were turning to find the culprit.

Louis had seen Harry on the ground first, and rushed over, dropping his microphone. The music had stopped, as the rest of the band came over to help.

Some fans close by were crying.

Louis saw blood on Harry's head and panicked. "Oh shit! What happened?" He said.

" i didn't see anything, just him falling" said Liam. "Get a medic out here!" He yelled to one of their security men.

A voice came over the speakers telling people not to panic and stay were they were.

Niall had got a towel and was holding it to Harry's head. He was out cold.

A medic arrived and asked for some space. He moved the towel to see the damage. "This isn't good. He needs stitches at the hospital" he told the boys.

"What do we do about the show?" Zayn asked.

" It's near the end, so we should just say thanks and bye, i guess" Liam replied.

That's what they did. Most of the fans were understanding, but of course, there were some moaners.

Harry was carried out to their van, all the boys were with him, Louis looking particularly worried.

Harry stirred, moaning, and his eyes flickered open.

"Hey are you feeling?" Louis asked him shaking slightly, while holding his hand.

" my head hurts. Where am i? " he asked, confused.

"We're taking you to hospital, someone threw a can at you, you need stitches."

Harry groaned, trying to sit up. Louis pushed him back down... "No stay there!" He told him.

" i feel sick! " Harry yelped, covering his mouth with his free hand, and sitting back up.

"Shit! Quick find a bag or something!" Liam shouted, not wanting Harry to be sick everywhere.

Everyone scrambled around, frantically looking for something, Niall shouted... "Here! Quick!" Shoving a bag towards Louis, who opened it quickly holding it in front of Harry.

Just in Harry threw up.

Louis rubbed his back until he'd finished, tying the bag and handing it to Liam to place at the back of the van.

Harry lay back down, looking very pale.

"Might have concussion" Liam said.

" Possibly...are we nearly there? " Louis asked the driver. "Just pulling up now" he answered. They pulled up in front of the hospital, Louis and Liam helped Harry out and they were taken straight to see a doctor, perks of being a celebrity.

The boys waited outside, except for Louis who sat in with Harry. His head was stitched and he was checked over, indeed he had a slight concussion. He was given some pain relief and discharged.

They were driven back to their hotel. Arriving after midnight, all exhausted. They parted to their rooms. Luckily, Louis and Harry were sharing, so Harry wouldn't be alone.

Louis took good care of him. Harry was still feeling sick, and Louis cleaned up after him when he was sick in the middle of the night. Apart from that, he slept well.

Waking up the next morning, Harry had a pounding headache, and a nasty bruise.

"Shit! My head is thumping" harry moaned with his head in his hands.

Louis passed him some painkillers which Harry took.

"Good job there's no show tonight" Louis said to him as he sat on the edge of his bed.

"Yeah!" He replied, tired.

"Thanks for looking after me, Lou" Harry said as they hugged.

"No problem lad!" He smiled. " you ok for some Breakfast? " he asked hopefully.

"Hell yeah! I'm starving!" He said just as his stomach rumbled.

They had gone down for breakfast, after showering ect, to find the other lads sitting eating already.

"Hey guys! Harry how are you mate?" Zayn said. The others smiled.

" Headache, but not too bad. Hope my bruises go quick! " he laughed.

"It's not funny H! That could've been a lot worse!" Niall said looking worried.

" Did they find out who did it, or why? " Louis asked.

"Was just a fan..they found her, she said sorry, but hoping she'll say it to Harry's face. She didn't mean it to hit him" . Liam responded.

"As long as she is really sorry, i can forgive her" Harry said. He's such a forgiving man.

The fan did talk to and said sorry to Harry, who did forgive her.

Treat people with kindness!!

All the love xxx

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