Depression Part 2

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The next day...

Harry was home, tucked up in his bed, safe, but sad.

He had hardly stopped crying since he tried to take his own life. The boys were keeping a close eye on him, taking it in turns to stay with him.

Currently with Harry was Niall, who was watching netflix on his phone.

Louis popped his head around Harry's bedroom door to check on the pair.

Niall looked up. "Everything ok?" Louis whispered. Harry sniffed and held out his hand.

Louis walked over and took it kneeling on the floor next to the bed.

"How you doing Haz?"

He wiped tears away. "I'm sorry." He said quietly.

" what for love? " Louis replied.

"For doing that!"

Louis sat up a bit and put his arm over Harry's body and kissed his forehead. Niall looked sad.

"Listen. You don't need to be sorry, but we want you to get better and be happy again. Will you let us help you love?"

Harry nodded. "How about we go downstairs? I'm sure the other lads would love to see you!" Louis said.

Harry nodded again. He didn't want to get dressed, so just put his dressing gown on over his t shirt and boxers.

Louis helped him down the stairs, Niall close behind.

Zayn and Liam looked up and smiled when they saw the three boys walk into the living room.

"Hey Hazza. Come sit down mate!" Zayn said moving from the two seater sofa to the three seater. Harry sat next to Louis, Zayn, Liam and Niall sat together on the bigger sofa.

They put Netflix on and Louis picked out a film that Harry would like to watch.

Harry cuddled close to Louis, sniffing, and wiping tears every so often.

The boys chatted every so often, Harry stayed quiet, listening to his best friends, and realising how much they all love each other.

Soon enough, Harry had fallen asleep. Louis noticed this, when he felt Harry's body feel heavier. Louis sighed.

He was just so thankful that Harry was still here.


They decided to order pizza, as nobody felt like cooking. It had just been delivered and Niall was busy getting drinks for everyone.

"Harry. Would you like some pizza?" Zayn asked as he handed Louis his pizza, holding out another for Harry.

Harry opened his eyes, and upon smelling the food and his stomach rumbling decided eating would be a good idea. He nodded and sat up.

He took his pizza and started eating.

The other boys all watched him. At least he had an appetite, they thought.

Once they'd finished, and got rid of their rubbish, they settled back down for another film. Before it started, Liam had something to say.

He turned the tv to mute.

"I have something i need to say." The others all looked at him. " this is hard to say, but after what happened yesterday, i need to. I think sometimes that we get so wrapped up in our fame, that we forget to look out for each other. I mean...did any of us realise how Harry was feeling? " Harry looked down at his hands. "I know i didn't and I'm so sorry Harry. Can we just try to take more notice of each other, help with any problems, make each other feel happier, and talk to each other about our feelings? I love you guys so much. Please can we do this? "

By the end of his speech, all the boys were in tears, they all nodded and came together in a big group hug. It was extremely emotional for all of them.

Harry had been put on a high dose of antidepressants. He took them at night, as they made him very tired. He had to be assessed every couple of months, each time his dosage would be lowered.


Harry decided that Louis would stay with him overnight, Louis was happy with his decision.

Louis had just made sure that Harry had taken his pill, and got into bed next to him.

"How you doing love?" Louis asked.

" ok i guess. Thank you staying Lou! "

"It's fine. I want to stay Harry. I was so bloody scared. Please don't do anything like that ever again. Promise me!" He was trying not to cry. Harry moved closer to him and put his head on Louis chest. "I promise. I'm sorry. I love you Lou." He fell asleep in his arms.

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