Diabetic Episode Part 2

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Harry was having a great time, until about half way through the show, but carried on none-the-less, not wanting to disappoint the fans.

He'd been dancing and singing his heart out despite feeling off.

Louis kept glancing over, wondering why Harry had suddenly stopped dancing, he seemed to be in a little dream world. ' I'll keep an eye on him' Louis thought to himself, forgetting that Harry hadn't taken his meds or eaten much. His glucose level was very low.

The boys stopped singing for a bit, to have a break, and look around the crowd, picking out funny posters and chatting.

Harry had sat down on the side of the stage, his head was hurting now, and was finding it hard to focus.

Louis glanced over again, now he was feeling concerned, so he walked over and sat next to Harry.

"H...are you alright love? You seem a bit off tonight." Louis asked while rubbing Harry's back.

"Lou..." Harry croaked, " i don't feel well".

Louis suddenly remembered about Harry's meds.

"Oh no! Oh shit Harry! We've forgotten your pills, oh fuck!" Louis started to panic, as Harry slumped onto Louis lap. "FUCK! LADS HELP!" Louis shouted trying to get someone's attention. He scrambled up off the floor and tried to drag Harry over to the side of the stage. At last, Liam noticed, dropped his Mic and ran over to the struggling boy.

"Fuck Lou...what happened?" Liam cried.

" Harry...i think he's having a hypo, he just passed out, we forgot to give him his pills! " Louis was frantic.

By this time, management had run over to help, as well as security, Niall and Zayn. The show had stopped, fans were wondering what was going on, the screens were black, so nobody knew.

An ambulance had been called, while Louis took Harry's blood sugar level.

"Shit...his level is only 65mg this is really bad!!" Louis was crying now. " why didn't i remember his bloody pills? "

"Lou...calm down mate!" Liam said, rubbing his back gently.

Harry started stirring out of unconsciousness, slightly, Louis got one of his tubes of glucose gel, that he'd been handed, and squeezed it into Harry's mouth, making him swallow it. He was barely conscious.

By now, the crowd had been told there were technical difficulties and they would have to cancel the rest of the show, much to their disappointment.

Harry was shaking slightly, but was starting to come around.

"Hey H!" Louis smiled down at him. " how are you feeling? "

Harry just moaned, his head was still aching.

The paramedics arrived, they took Harry's blood sugar levels again, which had risen a bit now. The took his blood pressure and did a few other tests. He sat up and managed to drink some juice.

The paramedics said he didn't need to go to hospital, but needed to go and rest as soon as possible. Harry liked the sound of that!

Harry was now laying on a sofa in their dressing room in the stadium, it was getting late.

"Can we go back to the bus now...i want my bed!" Harry grumbled.

" Guess you're feeling well enough to go, so ok! " management replied.

The boys helped Harry to his feet and they piled onto the bus, which had been parked outside.

Louis handed Harry his pills, making sure he took them.

"God Harry that scared the shit out of me tonight!" Louis whispered, as he placed one hand on top of Harry's.

" I'm sorry Lou! It was such a busy day, i just forgot about my pills and didn't eat properly. I won't do it again, promise! " harry said as he held out his little finger. Louis grabbed it with his own and they did a 'pinkie promise' Cute!

Harry made sure to eat when they'd got back, and was exhausted now, wanting his bed so badly. He yawned.

"Come on Mr sleepy...let's get you to bed" . Louis grinned, as he helped Harry up off the sofa, wishing the other boys a goodnight, and walking slowly to their bunks.

"Lou...would you lay with me, til i fall asleep please?" Harry looked lovingly at Louis.

" Course love, budge over a bit then! " Louis replied, as he squeezed in next to Harry, the bunks not being very big.

"Sorry i scared you" Harry whispered and he gazed sleepily into Louis' eyes.

"Hey, don't worry about it. You're ok, that's all that matters. You get some sleep now love!" Louis smiled as he moved a curl from Harry's eyes.

"Love you Lou Lou!" Harry smiled.

" Love you too Hazza bear" Louis smiled back as he kissed Harry on the lips.



Not sure if this was any good it's 10.30pm and I'm tired lol. Goodnight lovies xx

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