Allergic reaction

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Harry and his friends were sat out in the school playing field at lunch time, enjoying the nice summer weather.

"What goodies do we all have today then guys?" Liam asked.

" I've got chicken drumsticks, crisps and a cheese sarnie! " Niall looked happy.

"Healthy!" Harry laughed.

" come on then Mr Slim...what you got? " he replied, trying to peek in Harry's lunch box.

"I have....a nice chicken salad, an apple, some organic guacamole and some milk."

" Yuck! Sounds disgusting! " Niall fake gagged.

Harry looked down at his box and frowned, turning his back to Niall.

"Oh...come on Harry! I was just joking, I'm sure it tastes....lovely!" He laughed.

Harry just got up with his lunch and walked away, sitting under a tree.

"Well done Niall! You know he's sensitive!" Louis growled. He got up and sat next to Harry.

"Take no notice of him, mate! You know he can't control that gob of his!" Louis put his arm around Harry.

"You can go back to them if you want!" Harry whispered.

"No! I'm staying with my best friend!" He replied, smiling brightly. Harry smiled back. " thanks Lou! "

They sat and ate their lunch, chatted, and  laughing occasionally. Louis was glad that Harry had cheered up.

"Ouch! What the fuck was that!" Harry suddenly yelped rubbing the back of his neck.

Louis looked at Harry's neck.

"Move your hand away H!" Harry moved it.

"'ve been bitten or stung by something! "

"Shit Lou!" Harry shouted. Louis knew that Harry had an allergy to bee stings, so he was now worried that is what it is.

"We need to get you inside!" Louis said as he helped Harry pack his stuff up and the walked quickly to the medical room.

Harry was panicking by the time they reached the door, he was struggling to breathe and his face and neck was swollen.

They went in and saw the nurse, who happened to be Louis' Mum, Jay.

"Mum! Help! Harry's been stung, he can't breathe!" He was frantic.

Jay went straight to the medicine cabinet and got Harry's medication out.
"Louis, phone for an ambulance quickly!" She instructed as she administered Harry's meds.

His pulse was rapid. He was pale. He thought he was going to die. There were tears rolling down his cheeks. Jay laid him down with his legs elevated.

Less than 10 minutes later, an ambulance arrived at the school and the paramedics were treating Harry. The sting was removed, he was given more meds and an oxygen mask was placed over his mouth and nose.

His pulse rate was returning to normal.

"We need to take him to the hospital as it was a severe attack." One of the paramedics said.

" I'll let his Mum know, she's on her way" Jay said. 

"Can i go with him Mum?" Louis asked hopefully.

"No love, he needs an adult, I'll get a teacher to go, I'll see who is available." She left the room.

Harry moaned on the bed, trying to get up.

" Hey Harry! you trying to sit up? " Louis asked as he lifted Harry up.

Harry yanked the mask off his face and threw up over himself.

"Shit!" Louis yelped, trying to move out of the way, as Harry threw up again.

"Don't worry, lad, it's quite normal. His body has gone through a big shock" the paramedic said as he put a bowl under Harry's chin just as he threw up again. Harry groaned again.

Jay returned with a teacher, Mrs Murs.

"Oh Harry! She said when she saw him sitting there covered in vomit.

" we need to get going now" the paramedic said, and they got Harry into a wheelchair. He still looked pale and sweaty.

"I'll come over when you get home, yeah? You take care Harry!" Louis said as Harry left the room.


"Het Lou! Is it true about Harry going to hospital? I saw an ambulance." Niall asked as he met Louis at last break.

"Yes....he got stung by a bee. I hope he's ok. They wouldn't let me go to hospital with him" Louis replied, sadly.

"Thats shit man!" Niall said, wrapping an arm round Louis' shoulder. "Just as well you were with him when it happened!"

Niall and their other friends all knew about Harry's allergy. They know to act fast if he got stung, as he could die.

"I know. I think I'm still in shock and not knowing how he is, it's driving me nuts!"

Louis' phone rang, he looked at it, it said 'Harry's Mum' on the screen.

He answered it quickly.

"Anne! How us he? Is he ok?" Louis asked.

" Hi Lou....he's fine!"

Louis let out the breath he'd been holding.

"We're coming home in a hour or so. They just want to keep an eye on him. He was asking if you could come over later?"

" Oh thank god! I've been really worried. Yes...of course I'll come over. Tell him to text me when i can come please? " Louis replied.

"Sure, love! I'll tell him. He's having a nap right now. I'll see you later. Bye love!"

" Bye Anne! "

Louis hung up his phone and gave a sigh of relief.

"He's ok then?" Niall asked.

" Yeah. He'll be home soon" Louis smiled. "Better get to the next lesson. See you soon Nialler!"

" See ya! "


It was 6pm when Louis got the text he'd been waiting for...

Hazza: hi Lou can u come over now pls? X

Lou: there in 2 mins! x 😁

Louis grabbed his coat and virtually ran out the door. He got to Harry's house and knocked.

The door opened and Harry was standing there. Louis threw himself at his friend and hugged him tightly.

"Hey...hey...alright Lou!" Harry laughed. "Calm down love!" Louis let go and smiled.

"Sorry...I'm just so happy you're ok!"

They went and sat on the sofa. Harry's Mum came in and greeted Louis, thanking him for helping Harry. She made them some tea then left them alone, to have her bath.

They sat, laughed, cried, talked, ate and cuddled.

The night ended up with them having their first kiss.

"I don't know what I'd do without you Harry...I'm gonna protect you forever!" Louis whispered .

"I love you Lou....I'm going nowhere. Thank you for saving me" he replied, leaning in for another kiss.


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