Panic, Claustrophobia

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It was show night. One direction had just left their hotel rooms are were waiting for the lift to take them out of the building.

There was a *ping* and the lift doors opened, the five boys, and one of their security guards, Paul, entered and the doors closed behind them.

"Can't wait for this show!" Niall said excitedly . "The o2 crowd are always great." He smiled, as the others nodded in agreement.

On the way down from the seventeenth floor, the lights started to flicker, and the lift jolted, throwing them a bit. Halfway between the sixth and seventh floors, the lift halted with a shudder.

"Oh bloody great!" Liam moaned. " just our luck. Push that button Paul, tell someone we're stuck! "

Paul pressed the button on the wall, and a man answered. "Hello, how can i help?"

" Err ... Yeah were stuck in one of the lifts. Can you get it working again? We're in a rush. " Paul told the man.

"Oh yes, i see lift number 4 is showing no movement. I'll get someone on it straight away!"

" Thanks! " paul replied.

"I hope it don't take too long!" Louis said, looking concerned at Harry, knowing he gets claustrophobia and they always have a hard time getting him in lifts.

"You ok H?" He asked Harry quietly.

Harry was already looking pale and panicky. He looked at Louis and shook his head. Louis wrapped his arm around him.

Harry pushed Louis away, he didn't have enough space already, without Louis making it worse. "Sorry H!" Louis apologised .

The others looked at Harry. "Harry, take some deep breaths, yeah?" Liam said from the other side of the lift .

Harry sat down on the floor and pulled his knees up to his chest, looking even paler, if that was possible.

Louis sat on his knees too, but with space between them. "Harry, look at me and try and control your breathing babe."

Harry's breathing was becoming erratic. He was shaking and sweating and looked dreadful.

"What's taking them so long?" Paul said as he pushed the button again. " Hello? How long til we get out if here? One of us is feeling ill. We need to get out now! "

"Hi. Sorry, the technician is on the case now. Theres a fault somewhere, but he's trying to repair it." The man replied.

" Fuck sake! " Zayn huffed.

"Lou...i have to...i have to get!" Harry suddenly shouted as he rose to his feet and started banging on the doors.

" harry calm down! " Louis jumped up, as it took three of them to get him to stop.

"No! I have to go!" He ran back and banged again, his fingers trying to pry the doors open. He was crying, shaking violently and hyperventilating. The other boys were in shock.

"Oh my god...I've never seen him this bad before Liam!" Niall said. " he's gonna pass out! "

"Might be good if he did!" Liam replied.

Harry slumped down in front of the doors. Paul pulled him back to the opposite corner.

He was finding it increasingly difficult to breathe. "Help me!" Harry said as he clutched at his chest, going paler by the second.

" Fuck! This is bad! " Zayn saud, starting to panic himself.

"Zayn, calm down. He's gonna be ok. We'll get out soon." Liam tried to calm him, rubbing his back.

" Please" Harry whimpered. Tears slowly flowed down his white cheeks.

"I swear to god, you have to get us out of here now, our friend can't breathe. Get an ambulance here now, he's gonna need it. Please!" Paul shouted at the man on the intercom.

" Ok. Ok. I'll call one. The technician is having trouble, he's called for help. It won't be much longer! " The man told Paul.

Paul turned and looked at Harry. He was swaying from side to side.

"I-i'm gonna d-die!" Harry cried.

Louis grabbed his hand. "No're not! You're gonna be just fine, just copy my breathing ok. Keep watching me.

Harry looked at Louis as Louis breathed slowly. Harry tried to copy him, but his vision was now blurred, he felt so dizzy. He knew it wouldn't be long before he passed out.

" i-i love y-you Louis! " he whispered, as he closed his eyes, and darkness engulfed him.

All the love xxx

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