Met Gala Disaster

231 12 2's the Met Gala tonight!
I was kept awake last night with this going around my head.
Hoping Harry has a great night tonight, and nothing like this happens! :D

Good Luck Hazza! Xxx

It's the Met Gala tonight, Harry has been very nervous about this, but also excited. He's never hosted an event before.

He woke up that morning, with the same feeling in his stomach that he's had for the last week. Butterflies. He has a lot to do today. Final rehearsals. Costume, hair and make up checks.

After he showered, dressed and reluctantly ate some cereal (his stomach just allowing this) he got in his car and headed to the venue.

The outside was all pink! It looked amazing! A security man allowed him entry and he headed off to find Dave, who was in charge of all the backstage stuff.

"Harry! Great to see you! How ya doing?" He asked, shaking his hand vigorously .

"I'm good thanks." He replied trying to sound happy.

He went through his costume, hair and make up checks, everything was good!

Sound check and rehearsal went well too.

It was now two hours until show time and his nerves were starting to show.

"Harry, come eat!" Someone called. He got up and went to a table full of delicious looking food, his stomach turned.

"I just need to use the toilet!" He said as he walked away quickly.

Finding them, he flopped down in front on the toilet and threw up. It wasn't much as he hadn't eaten much today. His stomach ached.

When he was done, he picked himself up and rinsed his mouth out in the sink. Looking at himself in the mirror in front of him, he sighed, he didn't look good.

He went back to the food table and grabbed himself a plate of various things he liked and sat down, nibbling slowly. He really didn't feel like eating, but the thought of doing this tonight on an empty stomach, made him think twice.

One hour to go and Harry was called to his dressing room. His hair and make up was done first. He'd never worn so much make up before, he didn't recognise himself, though he thought he looked good, and covered up his sick, pale face.

His hair didn't need much work, as it wouldn't be showing anyway!

He then started to put his outfit on.

It was a thick, heavy outfit, but very beautiful. He felt beautiful.

It was time!

He stood backstage, joined by Lady Gaga. They stood chatting for a few minutes, she could tell he was nervous, so she grabbed his hand as they were announced....

... "please welcome your hosts for tonight... LADY GAGA AND HARRY STYLES! " the announcer called. The audience clapped and cheered loudly.

They took to the stage and everyone gasped.

Lady Gaga wore a purple dress covered in huge feathers, she looked like a massive peacock! On her head was a crown of diamonds, she looked amazing.

Harry wore a dark pink glittery suit, covered by a heavy pink cape that dragged behind him, it was very big and long.

On his head was a massive pink hat, covered in pink diamonds. Diamonds hanging down in threads, making him look like he had diamonds in his hair. He looked unrecognisable, but so very pretty.

They welcomed everyone and introduced the first act.

As the night progressed, Harry felt more and more uncomfortable. He was very hot and feeling dizzy. His stomach was grumbling.

They introduced more and more people. Though it was a great night, he just wanted it to be over now. He really didn't feel good at all.

The last act was over, at last! Harry and Lady Gaga went on stage for one last time to thank everyone for coming, and for their support.

As they finished their final speech, turning to exit the stage, Harry's body gave out and he passed out.

A huge gasp erupted around the arena, as Harry's manager ran on to the stage with his security man. "Harry! Harry! Are you ok?" His manager, Phil asked. Getting no reply, he took Harry's headwear and cape off and told the security man to take Harry off the stage.

Lady Gaga followed them to his dressing room. "Get these clothes off him now!" Phil ordered , as the stylists started stripping him to his boxers. He was dripping in sweat, but shaking uncontrollably.

The door burst in suddenly, and a small man with brown hair and ocean blue eyes ran straight over and sat next to Harry, taking his hand in his. "Harry's Louis, are you ok baby?"

Harry groaned and his eyes fluttered open.

Harry leaned to his side and gagged. Only a tiny bit of water came up, due to him not drinking throughout the show.

Once he was done, he slumped back on the sofa he was on, and shivered. Louis placed a blanket on him.

There was a paramedic on duty, due to it being a big show, and he entered the room as he'd been called in.

He gave Harry a quick check over, confirming that he was extremely dehydrated and needed to go to the hospital. Louis going with him, of course!


Harry was hooked up to an IV. His body in desperate need of water.

He was asleep, his body exhausted. The weight of his outfit had made his entire body ache.

He slept through the night. Feeling so much better in the morning, he was given a big breakfast. The doctor told him he was fully recovered and free to go.

Louis drove him home, and put him to bed, despite his pleading that he didn't need any more rest. Louis was adamant though.

The reviews of the show were wonderful, despite Harry being ill. He got thousands and thousands of well wishers posting on twitter to him. He felt happy that it was over, and that even though he fainted, it was a huge success. i say...i hope tonight goes well.
Good luck Harry. LoVe u loads

All the love xxx

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