Tonsillitis Part 2

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Harry woke up, looking at his phone, he sees it is only 2:28.

He groans, and realises he's still on the sofa, and Louis is laying beside him, snoring lightly.

He feels like he's being strangled. It's hard for him to swallow.

He coughs, and like earlier it is a hacking cough, animal like. It hurts like hell.

"Lou!" He tries to say, but it comes out hardly audible, so Harry gives him a weak shove, he coughs again, louder and more painful.

Louis suddenly wakes up. "H-Harry love, you ok?" He turns round and looks at his stricken boyfriend.

" Hurts! " Harry says in between coughs.

" i know. " Louis rubs Harry's back, trying to comfort him.

He's coughing so hard that tears are rolling down his cheeks and he starts gagging, covering his mouth. Louis pulls him up quickly and they rush to the bathroom.

Harry coughs harder, and can't help it when he throws up in the toilet bowl. He can't catch his breath between coughing and throwing up.

"Harry love...try to calm're panicking again." He turns Harry to look at him. " Baby, try to control your breathing. Remember earlier...nice and "

After a few minutes Harry has calmed down, his cough and vomiting has ceased.

He slumps exhausted against Louis on the floor. Louis wraps his arms around him, he is very hot and sweating.

"Stay there a sec love..." Louis says as he gets up and runs a cloth under the cold tap, bringing it back and placing it on Harry's forehead. He shivers. "It's ok. Your temperature is up, just trying to cool you down." Harry nods. " Let's get you back to bed. "

Louis helps Harry up and into bed, but leaves the duvet off, as Harry's hot enough without that on too.

Louis lays next to him, face to face and smiles. "Feeling ok now? " he whispers. Harry does a so-so sign with his hands, as Louis wipes tears away from his eyes.

"Get back to sleep my love. I love you." Louis says as he kisses Harry's cheek. They both close their eyes and fall asleep.


"Wake up Harry...time to take your meds." Louis bent down, kissing Harry's cheek and rubbing his arms.

Harry opens his eyes slowly. He still looks rough, and feels like shit. He sits up against the headboard of the bed and Louis sits next to him, handing him his meds.

He takes it, swallowing is still difficult. "You still feel hot baby. Stay in bed today, yeah?"

Harry shakes his head and points down. "You'd be more comfy here than on the sofa love." Harry points at Louis and mouths 'me and you'

Louis smiles. He wants them to be together. Sweet. "Ok. You usual! You wanna get up now?"

Harry nods, and Louis helps him up. He doesn't get dressed, just puts his dressing gown on. "Need a wee before we go down?" Harrys face reddens and he nods.

Once he's done in the bathroom, they go down to the living room. Louis gets Harry comfy on the sofa and goes to make him some soup.

Once again, harry struggles to eat the soup. He feels like his throat is full of razor blades. However, he finishes the bowl.

Harry spends most of the day asleep. Louis doesn't mind. He's had tonsillitis before and it completely knocked him for six too. So be spends the day watching films and looking at his phone.


It took six days for Harry to completely recover. He was so grateful to Louis for taking care of him, that he booked them both into a hotel in London the following weekend.

Hope this was ok?

All the love xxx

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