Ear Infection

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"Fuck sake Harry! Move your fucking arse will ya?!" Louis shouted. Harry didn't hear him though. He was up in the bathroom, staring at his reflection in the misty mirror.

He sighed and held his ear. It had been aching for two days now. He tried cleaning them out and using olive oil to soften any wax, but if anything it had got worse.

"Ouch!" He moaned. " sodding ear! " he turned around and went out the door, downstairs.

"Ahh...at last! What the hell have you been doing up there? Been calling you for ages." Louis said, thumping Harry on his back.

"Sorry...didn't hear you. What did you want?"

" we said we'd go and listen to Niall sing at the pub tonight. Remember? " Louis was searching for his car keys.

"Oh...can i just stay here? I...I said I'd call Mum." Harry whispered .

Louis stared at him. " no Harry we promised Niall, and you can call Anne later. Come on get your jacket on. " Louis opened the front door and motioned for Harry to move. Harry sighed, and did as he was told.

Once at the pub they found a table near the front that Niall had reserved for them plus their other mates, Liam and Zayn. Louis went and got them all drinks and sat back down. There was already music blasting out through the speakers, making Harry's ear throb. He just wanted to go home.

"Cheer up Harry!" Louis smiled as he took a big mouthful of his lager. Harry just took small sips of his cola, it was getting sore to swallow now.

Zayn and Liam arrived and the four of them chatted waiting for the band to start.

"Yeah! Nialler!" Louis shouted and whistled. The all cheered as Niall and his band came out.

" hi everyone. Thanks for coming out to hear us. Please have a good time. " Niall started playing his guitar and sang. The first song was what makes you beautiful.

Harry's earache was getting gradually worse. He felt like he was deaf in that ear. It was hurting lots, and making him feel sick.

As Niall was singing the chain by Fleetwood Mac, Harry got up and went to the toilets. It was so noisy and dark that the others didn't notice that he had left.

He went into a stall, locking the door and sat down on the lid. He put his head in his hands and cried. He'd never had such a bad ear ache before.

His head was aching too. Feeling really miserable, he sat there for a long time. He could still hear the music playing, so he thought he'd stay here until it was over. Nobody was missing him anyway.

He'd been there for about fifteen minutes when the pain got unbearable. It felt like his ear was being jabbed with a red hot poker. He yelled out. He scrambled up and unlocked the door. He needed Louis. He got as far as the toilets door when the pain hit it's peak and Harry blacked out.

"Where the hell is Harry?" Louis suddenly noticed that he wasn't there. "Oh...don't know, didn't see him leave." Liam said.

" Must've gone for a pee, you know Harry's tiny bladder! " they all laughed.

Niall's band had finished their set and thanked everyone, Harry still wasn't back.

He came over to the others. "Hey guys thanks for coming. Did you have a good time?" He asked, smiling .

"Bloody fantastic mate!" Liam said.

" Where's Harry? " Niall asked.

They shook their heads. "Don't know. I'm gonna check the toilet" Louis said.

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