Hit by a car Part 1

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Harry was fit, yes...yes...we all know that already! 😏

It was a Saturday. Harry was out for his usual morning run. He likes to run 10 miles a day. Told you he was fit!

Anyway, he was taking his usual route, along by the river. He stops at a bench, and sits down to take a breather. He always stops there. He sits for 5 minutes, before getting up and running again.

He's feeling really good today. He's happy as he listens to his favourite music on his ipod.
He runs across the bridge that leads to a little park. Running straight through it, and exiting at the other end, he's so focussed on the music thumping in his ears, that he runs straight into a busy road.

Cars are honking their horns, startling him. One car tried to swerve to avoid hitting him, but  Harry froze on the spot. The car hit Harry head on, throwing him through the air, landing at this side of the road, lucky for him, as it meant no other cars would hit him.

Cars stopped, and people were rushing over to him, laying motionless, covered in blood and bruises. Someone called 999.

One young man who had witnessed the accident had rushed to Harry's side.

"I'm a doctor, let me through please" he called. The others who had gathered, parted ways and let him through.

He sat beside Harry, observing the state he was in.

"Hello...I'm Louis, I'm a doctor" he said to the unconscious Harry.

He didn't move Harry as he could see he had broken bones, but he checked he was breathing and spoke softly to him until the ambulance arrived.

He was lifted carefully in the vehicle and it drove off, with Louis next to Harry.

At the hospital, Harry had x-rays  taken and was given a thorough check.

Louis had stayed by Harry's side. He had no identification on him, so nobody knew who he was.

2 hours after the accident, Harry finally started to regain consciousness. He was groaning, clearly in pain, despite being on a drip with pain relief in his veins.

"Hi there. I'm Louis" he said as Harry slowly opened his eyes. He looked around, looking worried and pained.

"W-where am i?" He croaked.

" you're in hospital. You were hit by a car. What's your name lad? You had no ID on you" Louis asked.

"Harry" he answered simply.

"Harry what? ... They need to contact your family. Do you have a phone number they can call?"

"I-i don't remember" Harry replied rubbing his head that was bandaged. He'd taken a nasty bang to his head when he landed on the ground. He also suffered a broken leg, arm and 3 ribs, had countless cuts and bruises and obviously memory loss.

He looked so lost sitting in that hospital bed. He gave Louis a confused look.

"W-who are you?" He blinked

" I'm Louis...i told you before...do you remember? " he answered, feeling worried.

"Oh...oh no...i don't...sorry" Harry fidgeted.

" it's ok...I'm just popping out for a minute" Louis said as he got up and left the room to find Harry's doctor.

He came back 10 minutes later, doctor Jones was with him.

"Hello Harry...I'm doctor Jones. Now let's take a look at you." He said as he got Harry's notes.

After doing a few tests, taking lots of notes, and speaking with Louis, the doctor left.

"Who are you?" Harry asked again.

"I'm Louis" he answered gently, so he didn't upset Harry.

"Oh yes...do i know you?"

" No...i helped when you were hit by the car. " he took Harry's hand in his, so he didn't worry too much.

Harry smiled at his touch.

"Will you be my friend?" Harry asked shyly, he cheeks heating up and turning red.

" Yes...I'd like that...very much! " Louis smiled.

"Are you sure you can't remember your full name? Or anything at all?"

Harry thought for a few moments, his eyes screwed tight...

"No...i can't...sorry!" He had tears in his eyes and looked down at this casted arm.

" Hey...don't cry. It's ok. You've been through a traumatic experience. We'll try again later...yeah? " Louis comforted him by rubbing a hand up and down Harry's good arm.

He could see Harry's eyes looking heavy and tired.

"Why don't you get some sleep? I need to make some calls, but I'll come back soon...if you want me to?" Louis asked Harry.

Harry nodded... "Ok and yes please..Louis?"

" That's right! " Louis smiled as he left the room to speak to the receptionist.

To be continued...

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