ill at the bakery

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Monday morning in Holmes Chapel, Cheshire.

Harry got up early as usual. He has to be at the bakery for 6am. He loved working there, just didn't like the early starts or the long hours. The customers were great, and he couldn't wish for better workmates.

He dragged himself out of bed and into the shower, washing his hair as well as his body. He got out, found a dry towel and rubbed himself dry. He was feeling a bit off, but put it down to hunger. He'd be ok once he's had breakfast.

He gets dressed in his work uniform and wanders down to his kitchen. Putting 2 slices of bread into the toaster, while getting some butter and raspberry jam from the fridge. The toaster pops and he spreads the toast and sits down to eat.

He only eats one slice though, as his stomach feels a bit strange. He goes to put his coat and boots on, picks up his car keys and opens the front door, the cold morning wind hitting him.

Slowly, he gets into his car and starts the five minute journey into town.

He arrives on time and greets his fellow early starters.

"Harry! My love how are you this freezing cold morning?" Barbara shouted across the room to him.

"Not feeling too good actually Babs. Bit of a stomach ache" he says while rubbing his stomach.

"Oh no! Maybe you should've stayed home love" she replied feeling Harrys forehead to check for a temperature. "You feel a bit hot".

" I'll be fine Babs, don't worry" he said giving her a sorry smile.

"Ok, but you let someone know if you feel worse, won't you?" She looked at Harry worryingly.

" i will" he said as he got on with his job.

3 hours later and Harry feels considerably worse. His guts are churning, he feels really hot and a bit shaky.

He carries on working though as he doesn't want to let everyone down, but now he's feeling nauseous and he hates being sick.

As he bends down to pick up some boxes to pack some cakes in, he can feel burning at the back of his throat, and he starts to panic. He swallows hard, and hopes this feeling will pass, but no such luck.

Another wave hits him, harder this time and he can feel vomit rising up his throat, he tries hard to swallow it but it just comes back. He rushes to the back of the shop ( the toilets are upstairs too far for him to get to quickly enough) he shoves the door open just as vomit gushes out of his mouth.

Barbara had seen Harrys panic and him running out, and she had followed him to check he was ok.

She finds him leaning against the fence outside the back of the shop, coughing up sick, gasping for breath. She goes to him and rubs her hand up and down his back reassuringly.

He's finally done and wipes his mouth on his sleeve. Tears roll down his face, he's exhausted and feels like total shit. Barbara leads him back inside to the staff room and hands him a glass of water.

"Here, drink this love, just sips though. God Harry why didn't you say you felt worse?" Questioned Barbara .

" i didn't wanna let you down" he sobbed as he sipped his water.

"Oh silly boy! You wouldn't let anyone down. We need to get you home. You can't drive though, so I'll see if i can find someone to take you. Back in a minute love" she spoke quietly and left Harry alone.

She returned 2 minutes later saying that Niall would drive him home, as he was clocking off soon anyway. Harry thanked Barbara and apologised for making a mess.

Niall took Harry home and stayed for a while to make sure he was ok. He wasn't sick the rest of the day, not knowing what caused his sickness, and was back to work 2 days later.

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