Severe Stomach Bug Part 6🤢

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Hospital day 10...

It had been two days since Harry's second op. He was now recovering well.

He was still in lots of pain, but not half as much as it had been. He was feeling more like himself again. 

The doctor said he is free to go home today, as long as he gets plenty of rest and looks after himself.

Anne wanted him to go home to her, but Harry just wants to get back to the boys, especially Louis!


"Come on slow coach hurry up and get dressed!" Niall said as the boys were packing Harry's belongings.

"You try moving quick when you've had your stomach sliced open twice!" Harry grimaced as he tried to get his shirt on.

"Let me help!" Louis suggested. Harry nodded and let Louis put it on. Stretching was painful.

"Sweatpants?" He asked.

"Yeah, help please?" Harry answered. Harry sat on the bed as Louis slowly and gently pulled the pants up Harry's legs and over his bottom.

Louis gave Harry a quick peck on the lips once the pants were on.

"Can't wait to get you home" he whispered to a smiling Harry.

"We're gonna take good care of you...even Niall said he'd help!" Zayn laughed.

Niall looked offended. "Hey!" He shoved Zayn, who nearly fell over.

"Come on boys! Enough of that. Harry wants to get home some time today!" Liam shouted.

Once everything was packed and the doctor and nurses had said their goodbyes, Harry and the boys left the building.


Harry wasn't very comfortable. He was in the back of the car in between Louis and Liam.

He had to keep loosening his seat belt as it kept rubbing on his tummy, making him wince.

He groaned. The car journey was making him feel ill.

"Harry love, you ok?" Louis asked, with a worried tone.

"Are we nearly there Lou? I feel a bit sick!"

"Be about five mins Hazza. Won't be long!" Zayn, who was driving, told him.

Louis grabbed Harry's hand trying to comfort him. Harry placed his head on Louis' shoulder.

Five minutes later, they pulled up outside their house.

Louis helped Harry out of the car, and into the house, guiding him straight to the sofa, already kitted out with blankets and pillows.

Harry had missed the house. He was greeted by the smell of roses, sitting in a glass vase on the coffee table. He could also smell chocolate brownies, freshly made by Niall that morning.

Louis helped him lay down and covered him with one of the blankets.

"I could murder a cuppa Lou!" Harry said, sleepily.

"Sure! You still feeling sick love?"

Harry shook his head. "No, not too bad now." Louis smiled.

Louis went to make some tea for everyone. Liam had bought Harry's bags in and sat down on the other sofa.

"Remember, you're not to lift a finger, you need anything tell us ok?" He said.

"Yes boss!" He replied, feeling his eyes closing. He couldn't help but fall asleep.

Louis came back with a tray of five mugs of tea and a plate of brownies.

"Here we go..." He started to say, before Liam shushed him.

"He's asleep!" Louis looked down, and smiled.

"Awww poor love must be exhausted!" He put the tray down and they took their mugs.

"Right... we're all gonna help him ok? He's gonna need lots of looking after." Liam said. They nodded.

"He's our baby, we'll take extra special care of him." Zayn said looking over at Harry.

Ok...this is by far my longest sickfic at 6 chapters. Do you want more (would just be the boys looking after Harry) or should I send it now and do a new one? You decide! 😁

All the love xxx

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