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Harry had been suffering with a sore throat for a couple of days. Normally a sore throat would lead to a cold, but not this time. He felt quite run down, tired, and miserable.

"Harry love, are you getting up? It's nearly 9 o'clock!" Louis said as he came in their bedroom, pulling the curtains open.

He grunted and pulled the duvet over his head. Louis pulled it back down.

"Come on H. You need to get up."

Harry sniffed as he realised he was crying.

"Harry? what's wrong? Why you crying love?" He looked worryingly at Harry.

"You do look a bit shit babe."

Harry tried to speak, but could only whisper. "Sore throat."

"Can i look?" Louis asked. Harry nodded and opened his mouth as wide as he could as he was extremely sore.

"Fuck Harry your throat looks awful! You need to get dressed I'm taking you to the doctors. I'll help you get up."

Harry sighed as he tried to get up. He was so tired, as he's had trouble sleeping, due to the pain.

Once he was up and dressed, and had got an appointment, Louis helped him out to his car.


'Harry Styles to Doctor Paynes office please' a voice on the tannoy announced.

"Want me to come in with you love?" Louis asked, Harry nodded.

" morning Harry, Louis! Come in, sit down, what can i do for you? " Dr Payne, Liam, was an old school friend of the two, and knew each other very well.

"Throat sore" Harry whispered.

"Ahh. ok. Let's take a look. " Liam said as he got his little light and lolly stick thing, sticking it on Harry's tongue, making him gag. Harry swiped at Liams hand, making him laugh.

"Sorry Harry. I know you and you gag reflex. I'll look without the stick ok?" Harry nodded. Louis gigbled at Harry's gag reflex.

Liam shone the light in Harry's throat and tutted. " right...this looks nasty. You have tonsillitis Harry. I'm going to prescribe you some antibiotics. "

Liam started typing out the prescription on his computer. "How long will it take to clear?" Louis asked.

" might take a week, it's quite bad. Make sure he takes the meds please? " Liam replied handing him the prescription.

"Thanks Liam, hope to see you out sometime?" Louis asked.

" definitely! Bye Lou. Bye Harry, hope you feel better soon. "


Back at home, Louis had gone and got Harry's meds and he's taken his first dose already.

He was laying on the sofa, asleep. Louis had made some soup, but he'd fallen asleep before he even put it in the bowl. So Louis sat and ate his sandwich while flicking through twitter and instagram, laughing at various daft tweets.

He was sat on the sofa opposite Harry as Harry was sprawled right across the other one. Every now and then he'd look at his boyfriend and smile at his beauty.

After an hour Harry woke up and started coughing. It sounded awful, like a animal being hurt. Louis shot up and sat Harry up. He was having trouble breathing. He couldn't catch his breath. He was having a panic attack. Louis sat in front of him, trying to calm him down. Harry's eyes were looking at him, terrified!

"Harry look at me, try to breathe slowly. Look at me love, concentrate. In ... Out ... in ... Out... "

He was still struggling, but with Louis help and reassurance and his gentle touches, he finally got his breath back and his panic subsided.

"Oh Harry!" Louis exhaled heavily , pulling Harry into his chest, rubbing his back.

Harry was crying, it scared the life out of him, he thought he was going to die.

"I'm here and it's over love" louis calmed him.

He layed Harry back on the pillows on the sofa and held his hands for a while. Harry's pulse was a bit fast and he was sweating.

"You scared me there" louis said shakily.

"Sorry" Harry whispered.

"Don't be sorry. I'm glad you're ok. Just...get this tonsilitis gone now ok. I want you better!"

Harry nodded and squeezed Louis hand.

"Wanna try that soup now? I can re-heat it?"

He nodded again. Louis went and heated up the soup and brought it to Harry .

"Here you go baby. Eat as much as you can." Louis put a tray on Harry's lap. His stomach was rumbling, and he sipped slowly on the soup. It was absolute agony eating it, but he knew he had to.

It took him a while, but he eventually ate the whole bowl.

"Good lad...good lad!" Louis said as he put the tray on the floor.

" how about a cuddle? "

Harry nodded, looking tired.

Louis laid down next to him and wrapped his arms around Harry.

Harry fell asleep.

Shall i do a part two?

All the love xxx

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