Wants Mum Part 3 💖

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Again...many thanks to hazxtomlinson for the prompt xxx

Some how Harry had calmed down enough,  after being bribed with sweets and teddy bears, the boys had got him on stage.

The show was going ok. Though Harry didn't seem as into it as usual.

A few times he forgot to sing his parts, getting worried glances from the others, and confused looks from their fans.

Near the end of the show, Harry completely forgot his words in his what makes you beautiful solo. The stadium went eerily quiet, before he heard some fans laughing, and booing, totally unlike their fans. He knew straight away that he'd messed up and thought that everyone hated him.

He suddenly teared up, dropped his microphone to the floor, a loud thud thundered through the speakers, and ran off the stage. The other boys were in complete shock.

Louis ran after Harry, while Liam and Niall just stood there, staring at each other, not knowing what to do.

Meanwhile, Harry had run outside, avoiding security somehow, luckily Louis saw where he went and followed him out into the cold night.

Harry stopped and slumped to the ground against a wall.

Louis came to him and sat down beside him. Harry was shivering, tears rolling down his cheeks, sobbing uncontrollably, head in his hands.

Louis wrapped his arms around him, trying to comfort him and calm him down.

"Harry....please don't cry..it's ok. We all forget our words sometimes. Come back inside, it's freezing out here!"

" I...I...w-want my M-Mum! He sobbed into Louis ' chest.

Louis sighed and rocked Harry back and forth.

"I...wanna g-go home."

" I know love. But you can't just yet. "

This made Harry cry even more. He really wanted his Mum so badly. He'd never been away from her for so long before.

"C'mon we need to get inside, before you get ill!" Louis said as he lifted Harry up. They walked back inside, Louis arms securely around Harry's waist.

"There you are!" Paul yelled. "Been looking everywhere for you two. Are you ok Harry?"

Louis shook his head as they continued to walk, not knowing where to.

"The show! What's happening?" Louis asked.

" it's over! " Paul said. "There was only two songs left and Niall and Liam couldn't do it alone. The fans are ok."

Louis looked relieved at that news.

They made it back to their dressing room to find a worried looking Niall and Liam.

"Oh thank god!" Liam said as the two boys returned. "We've been worried. Are you ok Harry?" He didn't reply as Louis sat them both on a sofa.

"He wants his Mum so bad, Liam. What can we do?" Louis said sadly, still hugging the distraught boy.

"I'll be right back!" Liam said, as he got up and left the room.

Niall stood up and sat next to Harry, putting his arm around him, he looked so sad.

After a short while, they noticed Harry had fallen asleep, he was extremely exhausted.

Louis got up and moved Harry so he was laying down, and placed a blanket over him.

He then went to Niall and hugged him.

It had been a tough few days for all of them.

A few minutes later, Liam came back in, looking happy.

"Why are you so cheery?" Louis asked.

" you'll see! " is all he said.


Two days later...

The boys were currently enjoying a break from the tour, they had a week between shows.

Harry was still sad, still kept breaking down. The boys were getting more and more worried, and were considering getting him to see a doctor. Liam had kept his secret for two days, and he knew things were going to get better.

"Right...I'm popping out for a bit!" He said happily.

" Out! Out where? With who? " Niall asked.

"Just out. Don't worry i won't be long. Paul's coming with me, see ya guys!" He waved as he left before he got any more questions .


An hour later, Liam arrived back.

The others were lounging on the sofa. Harry was cuddled up with Louis.

"Hey guys! I have a surprise!" Liam said cheerily.

The boys looked up, and Harry screamed, jumping up from Louis ' arms and running over.

"MUMMY!!" He yelled, as he threw his arms around his beloved Mum. They were both crying .

"Hello my baby. I've missed you so much!"

They stood there crying and hugging for a while, before Anne suggested they sit down.

They sat on a sofa, Harry wrapped around his Mum, crying happy, relieved tears. The other boys were trying not to cry at the lovely sight.

"You arranged this?" Louis asked Liam .

"Yes. I couldn't bear to see him so upset. " he smiled.

"Thankyou!" Louis whispered .


Anne decided to stay with the boys for the rest of the tour. She didn't want her son to be sad.

The rest of the tour was a huge success. Harry enjoyed himself, and didn't forget any more lyrics.

Hope this was ok?

All the love xxx

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