Sunstroke Part 3

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Louis' POV:

I opened my eyes slowly, my head is aching. 'where the hell am i?' I thought as i squinted from the bright light in my face. Realisation hit suddenly, and i sat bolt upright and jumped off the bed i was laying on. Someone grabbed my arms and stopped me running. I didn't know where i was going anyway. I was panicking.

"Mr Tomlinson! Please...try to calm down!" The person. ..a female nurse...said quietly. I stood still, looking at her as tears fell from my eyes.

"My - my boyfriend...H-Harry...where...where is he?" I struggled to say.

She led me down the corridoor... "I'll take you to him. He's quite poorly. He has sunstroke, he's very dehydrated, and has some burns. He's on a drip, don't be freaked out. He will be fine in a few days!" She smiled at me. we arrived at Harry's room, she opened the door and let me in.

I walked quickly to him, he looked terrible. He had a few burns on his face and stomach, i couldn't see further down. He was hooked up to a drip, his hair was pulled away from his forehead, he looked so hot and sweaty.

It broke my heart to see him like this. We'd been out in the sun for a good few hours, walking and laughing, but that nap we took, made him end up in here.

I took his hand and kissed his knuckles. He whimpered and squeezed my hand gently.

" you awake baby?" I sniffed.

He moaned a bit and opened his eyes slowly, there was a small smile on his lips, that turned to a frown.

"Harry...i'm so sorry!" I cried as i put my head down on his bed.  His hand gently patted my head.

"It's...ok...Lou!" He croaked out. " i need...water...please"

I filled up an empty cup with water, put a straw in it and lifted it to his lips, they looked cracked and sore. He took a few sips.


" Hmmm"

I took his hand to my lips and kissed it again, rubbing it on my cheek. I was trying not to cry but i feel so guilty that he's poorly and I'm not.

"Don't!" Harry whispered.

A nurse came in to the room. "Hello Harry! How are you feeling? Hello Mr Tomlinson" she greeted me.

"Feel like ... Shit!" I laughed at Harry .

"Well...let's get you feeling better then!" She smiled.

She lifted the sheet off of Harry's bottom half and opened up his robe. I feel so bad for laughing when Harry first woke up at the beach, with his white hand print on his red tummy, but i grimaced now, my own stomach turned at the sight.

"I'm going to put some cream on your burns, Harry...ok. It might be quite sore, but it will definitely help. It's going to take a while for this to completely heal, but i don't think you'll have any scarring." She said as she started gently putting the cream on.

Harry flinched at her touch, and tears were in his eyes, he looked at me, and i stood up and kissed his cheek as she kept applying the cream. Every now and then, he would jump, or yelp, it was awful.

Finally, she finished. "All done! I'm sorry that hurt Harry. I'll need to do it again in a couple of hours. Make sure you keep drinking, little and often. The loo is just through that door, don't go in there alone though. I'll see you soon." She smiled as she left.

Harry sighed and i went in for a hug, being careful not to hurt my poor baby boy.

"I'm sleepy Lou!" Harry slurred, his eyes were drooping.

" It's ok love, you take a nap...I'll be here when you wake up" i leant over and kissed his cheek as he closed his eyes and fell asleep.

I took the opportunity to pop out and call my Mum.

On the third ring she picked up...

" hi Mum! " i said, trying to keep myself together.

"Hi love! Nice to hear you. Everything ok?" My Mum, Jay replied.

" No...Mum...we're at the hospital....Harry's not well. "

"Oh god Lou! What's wrong? Does Anne know?"

Oh god! I forgot about Anne, Harry's Mum!

"Oh god no! Could you call her please? He's in room 171."

" Of course...what's wrong with him? "

"He's got sunstroke. We were out all day and kind of fell asleep on the beach. He's in a state, Mum!" I started crying now.

" Baby, don't cry! I'll go and tell Anne and we'll both come to the hospital ok? "

"Ok Mum! Thanks. I need to get back to him now".

" Ok. We'll see you soon. Try not to worry, bye Lou! "

"Bye Mum!" I hung up and wiped the tears from my eyes, walking back into Harry's room, making myself as comfortable as i could next to him.

To be continued....

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