Severe Stomach Bug Part 2 🤢

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"Louis!" Harry kept saying. "Louis!" He was shaking, he felt extremely hot, and kept crying. He felt lousy.

Harry's stomach cramped again.

He tried getting out of bed, hunched over, he needed the toilet, and quick!

Liam knew he couldn't walk, so he picked him up and ran to the bathroom, Harry rushed to sit down, just in time, as he got the runs again.

Liam left him for a minute and went to the top of the stairs, shouting..


He went back to Harry who was still on the toilet, head in his hands sobbing.

"They're gonna find him Harry, he'll be here soon." He hoped anyway, Liam was seriously pissed off with Louis.

Downstairs, Zayn was trying to phone Louis, but it kept going to voicemail. Niall was just getting his jacket on to go and look for him when the front door opened, and Louis walked in, casually.

"WHERE THE FUCK HAVE YOU BEEN LOUIS?! WE'VE BEEN CALLING YOU FOR AN HOUR OR MORE!" Niall screamed at him. Louis looked shocked, he had no idea what the problem was.

"My phone died. What's up?"

"What's up?! Harry's really ill. He's in bed, Liam's with him, but he wants you!" Zayn said, as Louis face dropped, and he ran up the stairs to Harry's room, finding it empty.

He heard crying coming from the bathroom, so headed there. He knocked on the door, and Liam opened it.

The smell nearly knocked him off his feet.

Harry still sat on the toilet, his head now back in the bucket. Poor boy!

"Where have you been? He needs YOU!" Liam glared at Louis.

"I.. I'm sorry, I didn't know, my phone died."

"You see to him, I'll be with the lads." He hugged Harry quickly and left them alone.

Louis walked to Harry and rubbed his back. Harry rested his head against Louis' chest, still crying.

He gagged again, and tried to be sick, but there was nothing there. But...he still had the runs.

Louis felt so angry with himself for not being here with Harry.

"I'm sorry Harry. I should have been here. If I'd known..."

Harry was in so much pain, the cramps we're getting worse, and he was finding it harder to breathe. He was starting to panic.

"Lou... Lou... Lou" he kept repeating himself. He was swaying on the toilet, he dropped the bucket on the floor, sending the small amount of liquid in it, over the floor, Harry's eyes rolled back in his head and he fell sideways, Louis managing to catch him before he fell into the mess.

"Shit! SOMEONE HELP ME!!" he screamed, he thumped hard on the floor, hoping that someone would hear him.

Luckily, they all did, as the bathroom door flew open and the boys ran in.

"Fuck, what happened?" Liam said, shocked at seeing Louis clinging onto an unconscious Harry.

"Call an ambulance!" He yelled as he and Niall pulled Harry onto the floor, putting him into the recovery position.

Zayn had called an ambulance, it would be here soon, they said, but you never know how busy they are.

Harry was out cold. He was shivering, but had a high temperature. He was sweating, his skin was very pale. They'd never seen anyone look so I'll before.

Niall was sat against a wall biting his nails. Zayn went downstairs to look out for the ambulance. Liam was comforting Louis, who was pale and shaking, himself.

This was his best friend laying on the cold hard floor, unconscious, very ill.

"THE AMBULANCE IS HERE!" they heard Zayn shout up the stairs. He showed them where Harry is, and everyone moved out of the way.

They did a few checks and decided he needed to be rushed to hospital.

He was taken out on a stretcher, with four very worried friends following behind. They got in Liam's car and followed the ambulance.

Harry was taken to a private room and was seen to straight away.

He hadn't regained consciousness when he got there. The boys had to wait outside his room, while tests and checks were done.

"Please let him be ok!" Niall whispered, Zayn put his arm around him as he saw the blonde boy with tears in his eyes.

Louis slumped onto a chair, head in hands, crying.

"He's in the best place now. He'll be alright." Liam said as he sat next to Louis, rubbing his back.

"Are you with Harry Styles?" A nurse asked, suddenly appearing from his room.

"Yes. Is he alright?" Louis jumped up.

"You need to come with me."

Louis looked at the other lads and nodded, they all followed the nurse, not knowing yet, if Harry's condition was good or bad.

'Please let him be ok' they all prayed ....

To be continued....

All the love xxx

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