Concert Fainting

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"It's showtime!" Liam yelled as he walked into one directions dressing room.

Louis is sat in a chair having his hair done by Lou, Niall is getting dressed and Harry....well, he's asleep on a sofa, arms crossed over his chest.

"Is he ok?" Lou asks Louis.

He shrugs. "I think so, you know Hazza, he does like to sleep!" He laughs.

" Yeah...well, that's you done, go wake him up please? " Lou asks him.

Louis walks over to Harry crouching down in front if him. "Harry! Harry wake up mate!" He shakes him until Harry stirs.

" What? " he groans.

"Hair! Come on Lou is waiting! Get up!" He pulls Harry up by his wrists .

He trudges over to Lou and plops down in the chair. "You ok Harry?" She asks as she gets to. work.

"Yeah. I'm fine thanks." He lies. Truth is, he woke up feeling pretty shit this morning. He keeps feeling dizzy. But he won't tell anyone that. He's too stubborn!


Three quarters of the way through the show that night, and Harry is trying to put on a good show. Even though he still feels ill, he's doing his best to hide it.

But...this is the part of the show he was dreading. They have to go up on a platform, that goes from the main stage over the crowd to a small stage.

Harry doesn't like this part of the show anyway, but he feels worse tonight.

They get up on the platform and clip themselves on, so they can't fall off. The platform starts to rise, as the song starts.

Immediately Harry starts to panic. He grabs hold of the microphone stand tightly, his knuckles going white.

He head is down, it should be up, smiling and waving, but he can't do it. He's frozen.

He misses his part of the song, the other boys look worried at him, and Louis takes over his part, realising something is wrong.

Zayn, who stands next to him, places his hand on Harry's back, getting no response.

Harry's hand lifts up to his forehead and his rubs it.

They're only a quarter of the way across. Harry suddenly feels extremely dizzy and leans forward, trying to ease the feeling.

This is making the other boys nervous. They're trying to get a message to management down below that something is wrong.

The song ends, but they don't sing another.

"Hi...err...sorry Everyone, we have a bit of a problem, so we're just gonna take a short break. Don't worry we'll be back soon." Liam says to the crowd, who have also noticed Harry in trouble.

" can you get this thing to move any quicker? " Louis shouts down and he bends to see how Harry is.

The platform moves slightly quicker, but not much, just then Harry passes out and falls down, Louis and Zayn manage to catch him. His clip is holding him up slightly, but it's too dangerous to unclip him.

So there's the three of them slumped on a small platform, looking extremely uncomfortable.

Niall and Liam keep looking over, firstly checking on Harry and secondly to see if management is doing anything.

The platform is now three quarters the way across.

"God sake, make this thing go quicker please!" Louis screams.

Harry starts moving slightly, he's coming around.

"Harry, don't move mate. You fainted. We're still on this bloody platform!" Louis said, taking Harry's hand, he felt very hot.

Harry groaned. "I don't feel good Lou!"  He whispered.

" I know. We'll get you off this thing soon. Try not to worry. "

At last the platform gets to the other stage and lowers down. A couple of their bulky security men get up on the stage and unclip Harry and lift him down. The other boys follow them.

They all rush back stage and Harry is laid down on a sofa.

A doctor had been called, as a precaution. He gave Harry a quick check over. He was told he needs to rest for a day or two, drink lots of water and get some proper food inside him. He'd been neglecting his body lately.

"Will you be ok if we go and finish the show?" Liam asked Harry, who looked very sleepy.

Harry nodded. So they all said a "see you later!" And returned to their fans.

Lou made Harry drink a whole bottle of water before covering him with a blanket and letting him go to sleep. She stayed with him until the show was over.


Back at the hotel after the show, Harry was tucked up in bed. Louis decided to sleep next to him, just to make sure he wasn't ill in the night.

He woke the next day, still very tired, but ok other than that. Luckily they have two days off now, so he got plenty of rest.

Louis sings tomorrow! Hope he's ok.

All the love xxx

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