Severe Stomach Bug Part 3🤢

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The boys all followed the nurse, expecting to go to Harry's room, but instead, they were shown to a room, empty apart from a worried looking doctor, sat at a desk.

"Please sit down." The doctor said. The boys all took seats, luckily there were enough. They looked at each other, wondering if this was really serious.

"Now... I'm afraid Harry is very ill. He seems to have picked up a severe infection in his stomach. It was basically eating away at his stomach wall and into his intestines."

Niall gasped, and Zayn gagged at hearing that. Louis and Liam looked shocked, and scared.

"Will he...die?" Louis whispered, trying not to cry.

"Honestly? We really don't know. We've started him on drugs to stop the infection. It's very likely he will need surgery to fix the destroyed tissue."

Liam shook his head. Louis' tears started, he couldn't hold it any longer.

"I'm sorry...I need some air!" Zayn said as he got up and left the room.

"Me too... I'm so sorry!" Niall sniffed and followed him. Leaving Liam and Louis.

"This is really bad isn't it?" Louis asked sadly.

"Yes. I'm sorry. He's going to be here for a while. We'll take good care of him. He's in intensive care right now. I'm afraid he's too ill for visitors. You can keep in contact with the hospital, we'll be happy to keep you updated, and of course we will let you know when you can visit." He smiled.

"Can you tell us everything about this infection and everything you'll be doing please? We just need to know it all." Liam asked, shaking.

"If course...." The doctor sat and talked with the boys for a good hour. He went over every single thing. The boys just needed to know what will happen. They left the hospital, not feeling very confident about Harry's recovery. They found Niall and Zayn and got in Liam's car.

Liam was still shaking, but managed to get them home safely.


They were sitting on the sofa in the living room. Liam had explained everything to Niall and Zayn. They were still in shock at what was happening.

Louis was especially quiet.

"Lou, he'll be ok. Try and stay positive. We'll keep checking with the hospital." Liam said, as he hugged Louis, who was inconsolable.


Harry was in a hospital bed, laying flat on his back. Wires everywhere. A breathing tube in his throat. Machines beeping. Doctor's and nurses rushing here, there and everywhere.

Notes being taken. Checks being made. Buttons being pressed.

They had placed Harry in an induced coma. His frail body could no longer cope with the pain he was in.

The infection had eaten away at his stomach wall, into his intestines, it was one of the worst infections the hospital had seen in a long time.

They really weren't sure if he could survive this, and even if he did, what sort of life would he have? They need to stop this infection FAST!


Hospital day 2...

"How is he responding to the treatment?" Liam asked on the phone.

"I'm afraid there's no change yet. With such a huge infection, it may take a while until we see any change." The doctor answered.

Liam had his phone on loudspeaker. The boys all sighed.

"Thank you. We'll call again tomorrow, but can you call us, if anything happens before then?" Louis said.

"Of course." The doctor said and hung up.

The boys sat in silence for a while. Going over and over in their heads how could he have got this infection.

They just couldn't understand it.


Hospital day 3...

The drugs had started to work, at last. The infection had stopped spreading. Now that it was under control, they just had to wait until Harry was stable enough to have surgery. That would be the hard part.

Would he survive surgery when his body had been eaten away?

He was still in the coma. If his condition kept improving, then hopefully he'll be taken out of it soon.


"That's good news, but he's still in a coma?" Liam asked.

"Yes, he's not well enough yet to come out, but it should be soon. The infection has stopped, now he needs to heal, before the surgery."

"Thank doctor!"

The boys all sighed in relief. Harry was getting better. It was going to be slow going, and he still has the op to have.

"I wish we could see him. Even just for five minutes. I miss him so much!" Louis sobbed into Liam's shoulder.

"We all do. It won't be long Lou, stay strong yeah?" He replied, hugging him tightly.

"I hope so. I'd do anything to hear one of his knock knock jokes!" Zayn said with a small smile.

"Yeah...and taste one of his delicious meals he cooks!" Niall said.

"Always thinking of food eh Nialler?" Liam laughed.

"I just want to hug and kiss him." Louis said sadly as he wiped his tears away.

Oh my god! Nasty infection indeed. Hope he makes a full recovery.

I don't know, I write as I go. Lol

All the love xxx

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