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Not Her by dieFabuliererin
Not Herby dieFabuliererin
Ahsoka takes the shot that Hardeen fires instead of Obi-Wan.
Lil' Meow Meow - Yoonmin by Eviolus-
Lil' Meow Meow - Yoonminby DC
Hybrids. They are beautiful, rare and amazing things. Want a pet or companion that can show you love like a person? Then a hybrid is for you! Yoongi loves his owner. He...
The Dream (bbrae fanfic) by Poppie12
The Dream (bbrae fanfic)by Crimson Poppies
What dose it mean when a super hero's greatest dreams and darkest nightmares take over the real world? And why dose it all seem so real if it's all a dream! Please comme...
Heart Attack | TK  by StobItFelix
Heart Attack | TK by 🤍카이🖤
[COMPLETED] When a young man named Jungkook falls ill with a deadly condition, he's told that his life will never be the same. With his life hanging in the balance, no f...
Maybell  by bookaholic1212
Maybell by Lilypad
" If my life was simply a story, it'd be named after her; because she was all I was. " • Maybell Trenali is an enigma. Her health is slowly deteriorating and...
Kolej Aşkı : Entrikalar Koleji by gecesonsuz_x
Kolej Aşkı : Entrikalar Kolejiby Gece Sonsuz
Okul döneminin ortasında okulunu değiştirip bir koleje gelen Gözde'nin yeni sınıfında yaşadığı olaylar ve yeni kurduğu ilişkiler , arkadaşlıklar ele alınır . 18 yaşındak...
The cursed necklace by YellowMuffin4
The cursed necklaceby Yellow Muffin
this story is scary, about a necklace with a curse that changed the world because hundreds of people died because of an unexpected powerful curse Start:April 27,2022
The Puppeteer by WwGrey
The Puppeteerby miss anonymous
Lilith Frost is dead. She was one of the best they had, and she was dead. Kiyohime Ikari was born, and she remembered her past life as Lilith when she bumped into a cert...
Failure (A Death Note/L Love Story) by SydPhantomhive
Failure (A Death Note/L Love Story)by Sydney
H is the greatest detective's successor, who goes by L. She travels with L and helps solve cases. When they discover the case of criminals suddenly dying of heart attack...
Heart Disease : The Truth Untold - Kim Seokjin Fanfiction (Season 1) [Completed] by KimLunaRJ
Heart Disease : The Truth Untold...by Bloody Jin
Lee Yunji is a pretty high school student, she lives alone as her parents work in London. The day she met her new school's classmate. A handsome, nice and kind guy call...
L x Reader x Light by fan-of-the-fandoms
L x Reader x Lightby 𝙳𝚒𝚗 𝙳𝚓𝚊𝚛𝚒𝚗
L x Reader x Light I am X. The worlds second greatest detective. My alias is Mika Allen. My name is Y/N L/N.
Betrayed Star! by -_Couffaine_boy_-
Betrayed Star!by 🌙 ❛ 𝑚𝑜𝑜𝑛𝑠𝑎𝑛 ༉‧₊˚✧
Rejected by your first love! Betrayed by the ones you trusted for years! Attend your parents funeral at the age of 15! Got no one to talk! Losing the people you love. Ho...
Todoroki's Heart Attack by JackGourdon25
Todoroki's Heart Attackby Cat monster
After getting into an argument with Izuku Midoriya (Deku), Shoto Todoroki decided to take a walk in the city as a villian mysteriously touched him on both his arms. The...
Hamesha saath dena uska, tum     by MaxRight4
Hamesha saath dena uska, tum by Max Right
This story is my weird imagination on riansh accident track. it's a story of vansh accident story and his conviction into juvenile center and a emotional story of Riansh...
Salamander can SING? by ArtOlympic
Salamander can SING?by Paris Chartrand
Natsu never participates in Fairy Tail's Talent show that they have once a year on June 1st. Lucy wants to do something about it and trys to get Natsu on the stage and s...
ScarLxrd by FlexxxGod
ScarLxrdby Scarlxrd
all you niggas fuckin' trash
📖Short Stories📖 by the_selection_seriez
📖Short Stories📖by Brooklyn
📖Okay... I kinda figured out that I absolutely LOVE writing short 1-2 part stories and experimenting with different character's points of view. All of my short stories...
My Dead Grandpa 🥺 who had a stroke by worstimagines
My Dead Grandpa 🥺 who had a strokeby worstimagines
The tale of my deceased asexual grandfather // also an Aven hate zone #notasafehavenforAven