Severe Stomach Bug Part 4🤢

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Hospital day 4...

The doctor's are pleased with Harry's response to the drugs. Signs are looking good that he will be able to have surgery soon.


"Thank you doctor, see you soon." Liam said, hanging up his phone.

"He's getting better!" Niall said, hugging Louis, who had sighed in relief.

"We still can't see him though! It's driving me crazy!" Lou said.

"We all are, but I know you miss him more. Won't be much longer!" Zayn said.


"So... we'll schedule the surgery for this afternoon. Now the infection is under control, we need to get rid of the dead tissue and muscle." The doctor told the nurse, who was busy cleaning Harry.


Harry was on the operating table, a big team of doctors and nurses surrounding him.

The op was going to be a long one. They knew there was quite a bit of damage, but wouldn't know just how much until they cut him open.

The operation began, the nurse made a note of the time...14:50.

"This poor boy must have been in agony. Look at the mess!" A doctor spoke as he started cutting away at some dead tissue. "I'm surprised it didn't kill him!"

"Any longer, and I think it would have." Another replied.

They removed quite a bit of tissue and some muscle. Luckily, his intestines weren't too bad. His bowels were fine too, the diarrhoea was just from the infection and not actual damage.

Harry was stable throughout the operation.

At 19:05 the op was over. He'd been stitched up and moved back to intensive care.

The next 24 hours would be crucial.


Liam had just been on the phone to the hospital.

"Oh thank god!" He sighed. The boys all heard the conversation, now it was more waiting.

Louis and Niall were crying, hugging each other. "Just let him get through this!" Louis sobbed.


Hospital day 5...

"He's looking better this morning" the doctor said, as he wrote down his notes.

"Signs are looking good. He's off for scans soon, I think it's going to be good news." A nurse smiled as she checked his IVs.


"He had a good night. That's great news." Liam said happily.

The boys were all exhausted. None of them had had a decent night's sleep since Harry went in.

"So, if we don't get to see him today, then it'll be tomorrow?" Zayn asked. Liam nodded.


Hospital day 6...

"Excellent! Well I think we should try and get him out of the coma today." The doctor said. "He's much better. The surgery was a success and his vitals are looking good."

The other doctor and nurses agreed.

"We'll bring him out of it at 14:00 hours. Can you let his friends and family know?"

And 2pm on the dot, Harry was finally bought out of his coma. Now they had to wait for him to regain consciousness.


"Can we come in and see him now?" Liam asked the doctor on the phone.

"I think you should wait until tomorrow, he's not awake yet, and we need to do lots of checks, scans ecetera."

"That's fine, we understand. We'll see him tomorrow. Thank you doctor!" He hung up.

The boys all had a group hug. He was no longer in a coma, that was something to be happy about. Now just wake up Harry!


Hospital day 7...


The nurse was checking his vitals, his blood pressure was slightly high, pulse a bit fast too, but it was to be expected.

Harry let out a barely audible moan, and his eyes flickered slightly, the nurse heard.

"Hi Harry. Nice to see you awake." She smiled down at him.

He looked confused, tired and lost.

He cried out in pain. The nurse called for his doctor, who came in quickly.

"Harry, try not to worry, but you've been very ill." He said calmly. "You had an infection in your stomach. It's cleared up now, but we had to remove quite a bit of the infected tissue and muscle. You're on a high does of painkillers. You've been in a coma. We've called your family and friends, they're on their way in."

Harry nodded, tears rolled down his cheeks as he tried desperately to wipe them away.

The doctor left, leaving Harry with his nurse.

"How's the pain out of 10?" She asked.

Harry held up 7 fingers, he couldn't bring himself to talk, afraid he'd break down completely.

"Let me know if it gets too bad ok? Your body has been through a very traumatic event. It's going to take time to recover. You're young and fit, so you have that on your side." She was talking quietly, trying to keep him calm.

The drugs were making him feel disoriented, dizzy and tired.

The room felt like it was swirling, and he soon fell asleep.

He is awake!!! Yay!!!

Thank the lord!

All the love xxx

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