Hit by a car part 2

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When he woke up later that day, Harry saw a man sitting next to him, looking at his phone.

"Hello..." He spoke quietly, looking at the man.

"Hey! How are you feeling? You've been asleep for a while." Louis replied.

" i feel like I've been hit by a car! "

Louis laughed, quickly covering his mouth, not realising he'd done it. "Oh god! I'm sorry, i didn't mean to laugh" he blushed.

"It's ok...." He frowned. " who are you? "

"I'm Louis, i saw you earlier, do you remember yet?"

" Oh...er...yeah?! " Harry lied, rubbing his forehead.

"So...what's your name?" Louis asked again.

" H-harry....erm...Harry...oh god!! " he yelled, pulling at his hair.

"Hey, no! Don't do that. You don't remember do you? It's ok. Try to keep calm." Louis rubbed his hand on Harry's .

"My head is fuzzy...why can't i remember?! I remember the accident, but not my own bloody name!" He was distraught .

"You took quite a knock to your head, Harry, it's probably just knocked things about, so it's hard to remember simple things." Louis explained.

" i want my Mum...but...i don't even know who she is! " Harry started crying.

"Shhh..don't cry please. I have an idea...I'll be back soon, don't cry please" Louis said as he exited the room.

Louis returned 20 minutes later...

"I've spoken to someone, they're calling the police in...don't worry, you're not in any trouble. They're coming in to take photos of you, to put out to see if you've been reported missing. It's worth a try, yes?" Louis explained.

Harry smiled at him and nodded. He was tired, and just wanted out of this place.


The police had been. They took a few photos and took details of where the accident happened, what he'd been wearing ect...

"Thanks for helping me... Louis." Harry held his hand out, Louis shook it, smiling.

"Hope it helps you."


The next day. The police came back to see Harry. They told him that someone had called them to report their son missing, and he fit the description.

Harry smiled as a woman ran in, taking him in her arms and hugging him tight.

"Mum?!" He cried.

" Yes, baby. God I've been so worried when you didn't come home..my poor baby! "

Louis knocked on the door and popped his head around it, seeing Harry's mum and seeing the resemblance, he smiled.

"Hi...is it ok if i come in?" He asked.

" of course....and you are? " his mum, Anne, asked, curiously.

"I'm Louis" he held his hand out and shook Anne's hand gently. "I saw the accident and stayed with Harry."

" oh thank you! thank you! That was so kind of you! "

"It's fine. I just came to see how he is, hope you don't mind?"

" Not at all" she smiled at both of them.

"I'm Harry STYLES!" Harry suddenly blurted out, making Louis and Anne jump.

"Yes, love! That's right" Anne confirmed.

"Well...lovely to meet you Harry Styles!" Louis smiled widely. " do you remember anything else? "

"I'm....18? I have a sister, is that right Mum?"

" Yes! Yes that's right! " she hugged him, Harry cried again, tears of happiness as he was regaining his memory.


Harry had to stay in hospital for a couple of weeks, and after he was released he had to have lots of physiotherapy. A couple of months later, he was back out jogging, but making sure he looked where he was going.

He stayed in contact with Louis and they became great friends. Eventually, they ended up flat sharing. Happy Harry. Happy Louis.


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