Travel Sickness

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Harry's POV:

We've got interviews today!

I'm sitting at the kitchen table in the house i share with the rest of the band.

I'd just made a cooked breakfast for us, and was busy stuffing my face, this is sooo good!

"So..." Louis spoke, " hope these interviews don't take too long. Some of the questions they ask are so bloody stupid...or repetitive. "

"Yeah!" We all agreed.

We finished our food and Liam loaded up the dish washer.

"We need to go soon" Liam said, putting on his jacket.

Louis walked over to me... "Harry...have you taken your travel sickness tablets?"

" oh no! I better go do it now! " i said, walking to the bathroom to get my pills, taking one with a glass of water.

I'm thinking I've probably taken it too late, you're meant to take it an hour before travelling...oh well!

We all piled into the car that had arrived to take us to our first interview. I sat in between Louis and Niall, with Zayn and Liam in the seats in front of us.

We'd been travelling for about an hour...

"Hey...could we turn the air con on?it's really hot!" I asked, starting to feel uncomfortable.

"Must be you mate! I'm not hot!" Zayn replied. The others agreed.

I fidgeted in my seat, wiping sweat from my forehead. Louis looked at me.

"You ok Harry?" He asked.

I nodded, not trusting myself to speak again. I just wanted some fresh air.

Louis was chatting with Liam, sitting in front of him. I couldn't even look out of the side window.

Niall was jumping about in his seat, kicking Zayn and being generally annoying. He kept pushing me too. I'm feeling really fed up now and my stomach is turning.

"SIT STILL NIALL!" i shouted.

Niall looked at me shocked.

"Bloody hell Harry! Calm the fuck down man!" I had tears in my eyes now.

Louis turned to me again.

" please can we stop i need to get out! I cried to him.

"We're nearly there H...take no notice of Niall!"

" No! Lou! I need to get out now! Please! " i was pulling on his sleeve.

"Harry...what's wrong? You've been acting weird all morning."

" Please?! " i was begging now pulling at my seatbelt.

"Harry...calm down! Don't take your belt off..!"

Before i could say anything else i bent over and threw up over my feet.

There was a collective "OH FUCK!" from the guys, Niall was scrambling to pick his feet up off the floor, Louis looked shocked, and rubbed my back, Liam shouted at the driver to pull over, and Zayn opened his window, trying not to gag.

I threw up again! I couldn't stop it, despite my desperation.

Finally, the car stopped. All the doors flew open and Louis pulled me out. I threw myself at the ground at the side of the road and threw up again. I felt like complete shit. My stomach hurt, i was so hot and sweating and I'd got a headache. Louis was crouched behind me.

"God Harry you should've said that you felt sick!"

" Sorry" i whispered, wiping my mouth. Louis handed me a bottle of water, i rinsed my mouth out and drank a bit.

I sat back on the ground, Louis hugged me.

"Feeling better?"

" a bit" i replied, taking in the fresh air.

I looked over to see the driver and Liam  cleaning the car. I feel really guilty.

Zayn and Niall were sitting a bit away from us, Zayn looked a bit pale, he doesn't do well seeing people being sick.

It took about 30 minutes to get the car cleaned and smelling better.

"You feel ok to go now? It's not too far" Louis asked.

"I think so" i got up slowly and Louis took my hand and led me to the car.

" I'm so sorry" i apologised to everyone as we got in. Me and Louis changed positions, so i had a window seat. The air con was on, thank god.

We managed to get to the interviews with no more sickness, and got home ok too.

I'll remember to take my pills earlier in future!!

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