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One direction are on tour, again. This is a 100 date tour and they were due to play the 93rd show tonight.

The boys are in the tour bus, where they'd spent a lot of time, when they weren't in big posh hotels, that it.

Harry hated the tour bus, because he always struggled to get any proper sleep. His bed was small, they all were, but Harry is the tallest so it affects him more. Plus his mattress could do with being replaced.

He 'woke' up that morning, feeling very achey and weary. He yawned and stretched,  and headed to the kitchen area.

"Morning H! God you look awful!" Louis said.

" Thanks! So do you! " i groaned back at him. I got some cereal and put it in a bowl, adding milk, and sat down opposite him.

It was quiet....

Until Niall came in...

"Morning people!!!" He shouted, thumping me on the back, making me nearly choke on my cornflakes .

I was coughing, Louis jumped up and ran around to pat my back.

"I..I'm ok thanks Lou!".  He sat back down.

"Fucks sake Niall! Be careful!"

" sorry Harry...you ok? "

" I'm fine Nialler...don't worry."

Their stupid management had decided that on top of doing a 2 hour show tonight, they were gonna have to do a book signing and a meet and greet too! Just wonderful! They loved them and their fans, but Harry was so tired, he just wanted to sleep until the show.

At 2pm they were called to go to the book signing on the other side of London. They all piled in the van and headed off.

Harry rested his head on Louis' shoulder and closed his eyes.

"You ok babe?" Louis whispered.

" Hmmm....I'm just tired Lou...wish we could have a day off to rest!"

"I know! Would be nice...but least there's only 8 shows left" he sighed and put his hand on Harry's thigh. Harry smiled.

It took half an hour to get to the building where the book signing was. Louis nudged Harry awake.

"We're here love...come on!" Louis said as he helped Harry out of the van.

The boys took their positions at a table and half an hour later they were busy signing books.

Who'd think that just signing books could be so tiring....Harry did. He wanted to sleep, Louis had to keep shoving him to keep him alert.

Finally....it was over. They ended up going to a nice restaurant for lunch. Before they were back in the van off to the meet and greet before tonights show.

They arrived at the 02 and made their way to the dressing room. Lou, their hairdresser, was waiting.

"Afternoon loves! Looking forward to tonight? Who's first?"

They all got changed and had their hair done, before going to meet their fans.

They stood and waited as the first group came in. Some were so demanding....wanting them in certain positions or picking them up.

This went on for just over an hour, then they headed backstage.

Louis sat next to Harry.

"You feeling ok love?" He put his arm around him.

" don't know what's wrong with me. Feel like i could sleep for a week" he replied, yawning.

"3 hours, and you'll be tucked up in your bunk, fast asleep!"

" That's just it though! I never sleep well on the bloody bus! " he was nearly in tears. Louis hugged him.

They were pulled from their hug by management telling them it was show time.


An hour into the show, and all the boys were tired, but Harry was feeling the worst. He was dragging himself around the stage, wasn't his usual happy self, some fans gave him worried looks.

Louis kept an eye on him,hugging him when possible, sod the management!

During the final song, Harry was really struggling. Louis grabbed his arms and they moved around the stage together. The fans were going wild! It had been a great show.

The boys took a bow, waved goodbye and walked off stage. Louis had to virtually drag Harry off.

They were on their way back to the dressing room, chatting and laughing, still on their show high, when Harry's body gave up, and he passed out, falling to the floor, despite Louis' efforts to keep him up.

Louis fell down next to him.

"Harry! Harry! God!" He cried. The others turned and saw them both on the floor and rushed back.

" Oh my god Lou! What the hell happened? " Liam shouted.

"He's passed out! He's exhausted, poor love! Help me take him to the dressing room?"

In the end it was Zayn and Liam who carried Harry away, they laid him down on a sofa and covered him with a blanket.

Louis sat on a chair next to him, and bit his nails.

"He'll be ok, after he's rested for a bit" Niall said as he put his hand on Louis' shoulder.

Louis smiled. "Yeah."


It was getting late...nearly midnight, Harry was still sleeping.

"We're going to have to wake him up, you need to get back to the bus now!" Management said.

" But...if we wake him, he might not we able to go back to sleep. " Louis sighed.

"Ok....if you can get him onto the bus without waking him, then do it!" They said, then left the room.

" Fine! " Louis huffed.

The bus was right outside the stadium, so not too far away, and it was quiet outside now, so it shouldn't be too difficult.

Niall had disappeared while louis and management were arguing and returned just as they left, driving a motorised buggy....perfect!

"Hey guys! Look what i found!" Niall was beaming.

" Oh Niall! I love you! " Louis laughed.

They managed to load Harry onto the back, Louis next to him to hold him up. Niall drove, Zayn and Liam walked.

They parked the buggy by the doors and lifted Harry out. They got him into the bus, with a bit of a struggle and laid him on a sofa, it was too much of a squeeze to get him in his bunk.

"Thanks lads!" Louis said to the boys. They all flopped down on the other seats.

"No probs! Just hope he's feeling better tomorrow!" Liam replied.

The boys all headed to bed, except Louis, who curled up behind Harry, cuddling him.


The next morning, Harry woke to find Louis with his arm over his stomach, neck on his chest, and leg over his. He was warm and comfortable and happy. He laid there for a while, just looking at this wonderful man he called his boyfriend. He fell back to sleep with a smile on his face.

Luckily, there is no show tonight, so they all get some much needed rest.

Sorry...this wasn't very good

All the love xxx

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