School seizure part 1

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Harry was sitting in an English class. He'd woken up that morning, feeling a bit off, but well enough to go to school. He was sat next to his best friend, Louis, they'd known each other since nursery school and were always together. Louis could sense something was up.

"Harry..." He whispered. " Are you ok? You look a bit pale".

Harry glanced at him, he eyes a bit teary. He could feel a slight shaking in his hands. "Lou....i feel really....weird...i feel sick!" He replied quietly.

Louis got up from his seat and approached the teacher, Mrs King.

"Miss, Harry's not feeling well, he's feeling sick.should i take him to the medical room?" Louis asked.

Mrs King looked over to Harry and said that Louis should take him.

He walked back to his friend and helped him up. They left the classroom, and walked down the hall to the medical room. Louis' Mum, Jay, was the school nurse, she'd know how to help.

But...just before they reached the door Harry suddenly stopped and fell to the floor. He started shaking, it was a shocking sight for Louis, he'd never seen someone have a seizure before. He sat next to Harry, trying to stop him hitting the nearby wall. He was trying to keep calm, but he started crying. Harry was shaking so much,his hands were bent in a weird direction, his neck was straining, it was awful to see.

After what seemed an eternity, the seizure died down, and eventually Harry was still.

"I'll be right back" Louis cried. He got up and walked the few feet to the medical room, bursting in crying to his mum.

"Lou love, what's wrong?" Jay was looking at Louis worriedly.

"It''s H-Harry please come..." he grabbed Jay 's hand and the ran out the door. They ran to Harry, and sat beside him. Jay checked him over while Louis took harry's hand stroking it gently.

"What happened Lou?!" His Mum asked.

" He said he felt ill, we were coming to see you when he just fell and started shaking, it was horrible Mum! " he cried, wiping tears from his eyes.

" oh god! Ok I'm going to take him and lay him down in there" she told him, pointing to the medical room. She picked him up, it was a struggle, Harry was a lot bigger than her, she struggled but managed to get him on the bed.

"Mum...he's...." Louis stuttered looking at Harry's trousers.

"Oh...I'll cover him up" realising that Harry had wet himself during his seizure. She found a blanket, covering him. "Poor boy, I'll call his Mum, keep and eye on him
please" She said quietly.

Louis was still stroking Harry's hand as he had fallen into a deep sleep, his body was exhausted. He moaned a couple of times and frowned, but didn't wake.

Jay got off the phone to Anne, Harry's Mum. "She's on her way in, she's worried sick" Jay said. "Are you ok love? " she asked Louis quietly.

"Mum, it was so horrible, he was shaking and jumping around so much, i didn't know what to do" Louis cried. "Is he going to be alright?"

" i don't know love, i think Anne will take him to see a doctor though, she's never mentioned him having seizures before. "

They sat in silence for a while until Anne appeared at the door. She ran in taking Harry's hand and kissing him gently.

"What happened Jay, Louis?" She asked them .

Louis explained about Harry feeling ill and what happened after that.

Harry moaned again and his eyes slowly opened, blinking to adjust to the light.


" harry love. How are you feeling" Anne whispered to her only son.

" i feel sick, my head hurts" he replied.

Jay grabbed a sick bowl handing it to Anne, who took it holding it by Harry. He sat up quickly and threw up into the bowl.

Harry hates being sick, it's even worse when he has an audience!

Anne hugged her boy as she handed the bowl to Jay to get rid of. That was when Harry realised his trousers were wet.

"Mum...." he motioned for her to bend so he could whisper to her.

Anne bent down and put her ear to Harry's mouth. He whispered, cheeks red from embarrassment.

"I think I've wet myself!" He started sobbing gently. Anne pulled him into a big cuddle, rubbing his back up and down to comfort him. " don't worry my love, we'll get you sorted out". Anne had bought a change of clothes, as Jay had told her on the phone about Harry's accident.

"We'll leave you two for a few minutes" Jay said, motioning for Louis to follow her out the door.

Anne helped Harry up off the bed and helped him get changed into the dry clothes.

Jay and Louis returned shortly after, finding Harry and Anne cuddled up together on the sofa.

" Thank you both so much for helping Harry " Anne said, tears in her eyes. "I'm going to take him to the hospital just to check him over".

Louis walked over to his friend, crouching down, taking Harry's hand.

"Harry, hope you feel better soon. Text me tonight, yeah? Let me know how you are...please?"

Harry gave him a little smile, and they hugged.

"Thanks Lou, Harry's lucky to have you as his best friend" Anne got up and hugged Louis and then his Mum.

They left the room and headed to the car. Harry was so tired, he wanted to sleep, but his Mum wanted to get him checked out at the hospital. She started the car, and they drove off.

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